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By NovoJuris Legal
The recent changes to Section 90 of Companies Act, 2013, is to determine the identity of the person behind the curtain who is having a significant ownership of the company and is essentially controlling the management ...
By NovoJuris Legal
Global interest in the LP (Limited Partner) ecosystem, for investments in India focused businesses, is at an all-time high.
By Spandan Saxena, Ashwin Bhat
A share swap arrangement signifies issuance of a share in exchange for a share rather than remittance of cash consideration.
By NovoJuris Legal
The Ministry of Civil Aviation on 27 August 2018 by way of a Press Note released the Drone Regulations 1.0 in the furtherance of enabling safe, commercial usage of drones effective from 1 December 2018.
By Manas Ingle, Anuj Maharana
Justice BN Srikrishna Committee which was formed with an intent to have a highly effective data protection law in India has finally submitted the draft bill to the Ministry of Electronic and Information Technology on 27 July 2018.
By Spandan Saxena
Acting on its vision for a National eHealth Authority ("NeHA"), the Ministry of Health and Welfare had introduced a draft bill for Digital Information Security in Healthcare Act.
By Manas Ingle
The Ministry of Health and Welfare in the year 2015 published a note on establishing a NeHA to regulate the emerging usage of electronic mediums in healthcare, especially for maintenance of e-Health records ...
By Avaneesh Satyang, Sohini Mandal
The Commercial Courts (Pre Institution Mediation and Settlement) Rules, 2018 ("the Rules") have been made under Section 21A(2) read with Section 12A(1) of the Commercial Courts Act, 2015.
By Paul Albert, Sohini Mandal
An entity to entity merger/acquisition has manifold considerations, movement of employees and their rights being one of the most important aspects.
By NovoJuris Legal
Notification Of Companies Second Amendment Rules 2018.
By NovoJuris Legal
Commercial Disputes: It means any disputes which is commercial in nature.
By NovoJuris Legal
The Individuals and HUFs having income under the head business or profession shall file either ITR Form-3 or ITR Form-4.
By NovoJuris Legal
Rule 9 relating to liability to devolve on concerned partners only stands omitted.
By NovoJuris Legal
Now any director may participate through video conferencing or other audio-visual means if there is quorum in a meeting through physical presence of directors.
By NovoJuris Legal
Indian Rupee (INR) denominated ECB with minimum average maturity of 3/5 years.