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By Stas Bodrov
In Miglialo v. Royal Bank of Canada, the Federal Court considered an application where Ms. Miglialo claimed damages between $100,000 to $250,000 based on allegations that RBC ...
By Lisa Armstrong
In S.S. v. Economical, the Licence Appeal Tribunal found the claimant missed the limitation period to dispute the denial of attendant care and housekeeping benefits,
By Julianne Brimfield
In Kapoor v. Kuzmanski, on the eve of a trial, the Plaintiff brought a novel motion to exclude potential jurors who drive and pay for automobile insurance ...
By Laura Emmett
In Swampillai v. Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada, the Court dealt with the enforceability of a full and final release executed by the Plaintiff.
By Laura Emmett
The Supreme Court of British Columbia granted the City its motion for summary judgment in an action commenced by an elderly Plaintiff who sustained a slip and fall injury.
By Fiona Brown
An application was brought under rule 14.05(3)(d) of the Rules of Civil Procedure to determine rights that depend on contract interpretation.
By Tim Gillibrand
Builders' risk policies have historically been given broad interpretation, extending coverage to all parties involved in a construction project. When property damage arises ...
By Tim Gillibrand
The matter of Rosen Express v. Northbridge is yet another case of stolen cargo for which Rosen sought coverage. The case underlines for insurers that courts will often take a broad approach to coverage...
By Devan Marr
The recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision of Gore Mutual insurance Company v. Carlin confirms that contracts of indemnity are meant to indemnify an actual loss and not provide a windfall.
By Laura Emmett
The question of whether the jury in a negligence action is required to provide particulars of any finding of the Defendant's negligence was considered by the Court in Poonwasee v. Plaza.
By Shalini Thomas
This action was brought against the Village of Kaslo (B.C.) by a plaintiff who sustained damages after falling down an embankment off Water Street (an unpaved alleyway).
By Laura Emmett
The Supreme Court of Canada recently considered whether an individual can be impaired by reason of distracted driving in R. v. Suter.
By Stas Bodrov
As the quarter-final round of the World Cup is happening, the Ontario Court of Appeal saw fit to release a decision about an altercation that occurred in the middle of a soccer game
By Devan Marr
The recent decision of Roskaft v. RONA Inc., 2018 ONSC 2934, sheds some light on when an employer can successfully claim frustration of contract when an employee is in receipt of long-term disability benefits.
By Fiona Brown
The plaintiffs' claim relates to an incident that took place on September 8, 2013. On that day, a car being driven by the plaintiff