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By Alacoque Marvin
November's cases include another "gig economy" decision, this time in the EAT
By Alacoque Marvin
Yes, the refusal of a contractual right to a four week trial period in an alternative role is very likely to lead to an unfair dismissal (EAT).
By Alacoque Marvin
Incapability dismissal may be unfair and discriminatory if employee is contractually entitled to income when incapacitated by permanent disability.
By Kimberley Woodhead, Ann Duchart
This article explores the new proposed fees for obtaining a Grant of Probate in England and Wales announced by the Government this month.
By Joseph Thompson
If you are a partner of a farming partnership business, it is worth having a written agreement containing the terms of the partnership
By Chris Billington
The sector is under fire again. What is being done and what can you do?
By Alacoque Marvin
The claimants were private hire drivers.
By Alacoque Marvin
Court of Appeal holds purser paid 50% of full-time pay when available for work for more than 50% of full-time hours was less favourably treated.
By Alexandra Slater
We highlight the statutory rights benefitting telecoms operators and how these could affect plans to carry out works to school property.
By Alacoque Marvin
An in-depth look into the recent case of the Supreme Court overturning a decision made by the Court of Appeal of Northern Ireland
By Alacoque Marvin
A recent Court of Appeal decision highlights the risk that data controllers will be found liable for damages due to a data breach of a rogue employee
By Alacoque Marvin
Court of Appeal holds two directors of a company personally liable for dismissal-related losses.
By Austin Thornton
This is the third edition of Austin Thornton's publication on Paying for Residential Care. More than ever, due to the continuing care funding crises, practitioners are being regularly contacted ...
By Lynne Bradey
Case reference ET v JP 2018 EWHC 685 Ch
By Lynne Bradey
The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) is about to launch a mediation pilot scheme to deal with family conflicts about powers of attorney.
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