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By Karolina Tołwińska
Hasbro succeeded in registering the smell of children Play-Doh in the United States.
By Tomasz Gawliczek
No one needs to be convinced that the applicable provisions of law are sometimes ambiguous.
By Tomasz Gawliczek
Even those who visit Amsterdam just for a moment usually don't miss their chance to "tick off" the must-sees of the city.
By Tomasz Gawliczek
W poprzedniej części artykułu wskazano, że reprodukcja znanego dzieła sztuki może stać się zarejestrowanym znakiem towarowym.
By Dominika Ziolo
In April 2016 there occurred a major change in the Polish trademark law, namely a shift from the examination system into the opposition system
By Tomasz Gawliczek
Nawet podczas krótkiego pobytu w Amsterdamie odwiedzający zazwyczaj udają się w jedno z kilku miejsc powszechnie uznawanych za atrakcję turystyczną
By Dorota Rzążewska
There are few images of outstanding representatives of art and culture with their use as scrupulously regulated as that of Fryderyk Chopin. The
By Tomasz Grucelski
SMEs often manufacture their products abroad in countries where the workforce is cheaper. Foreign contractors offer products specially designed for SMEs or from catalogues.
By Magdalena Maksimowska
On 1 October 2017 the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council on the European Union Trademark (EUTM) enters into force.
By Sylwia Błażej-Sosnowska
The relationship between patentability and patent clearance is sometimes tricky. We think: I'm producing a product based on my own patent, so how could I possibly infringe someone else's exclusive rights?
By Magdalena Maksimowska
The market of computer games is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy in the 21st century.
By Katarzyna Strzelecka
Every single day new technologies emerge around the world.
By Adam Trawczyński
Nowadays, information is often identified as the most valuable commodity to be acquired or sold.
By Sylwia Błażej-Sosnowska
It goes without saying that innovation comes together with modernity.
By Magdalena Maksimowska
1 października 2017 r. wchodzi w życie Rozporządzenie Parlamentu Europejskiego i Rady w sprawie znaku towarowego Unii Europejskiej (EUTM).