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By Stephanos Evangelides
The 5th AML Directive aims to put in place certain guidelines for European Member States with a set deadline to implement them by the end of 2019.
By Stephanos Evangelides
The recently adopted EU Regulation 302/2018 on Geo-blocking (the "Geo-Blocking Regulation") addresses the geographically based restrictions which undermine the cross-borders transactions...
By Stephanos Evangelides
The preparation and issuance of a high level due diligence report is a crucial component to significant corporate transactions, in relation to, amongst others, Mergers, Acquisitions...
By Stephanos Evangelides
The Cyprus Parliament approved new legislation aiming to provide protection to ‘trapped' buyers to receive their title deeds and become registered owners of their immovable property.
By Stephanos Evangelides, Christiana Antoniou
It is common practice for Cypriot courts to refrain from interfering with the internal management of private companies, which is usually handled by the Board of Directors and/or the Shareholders in General Meetings ...
By Stephanos Evangelides
Law N. 51 (I)/2017 amending the Companies Law transposes into Cyprus law the EU Directives 2014/95/EU and 2013/34/EU relating to the disclosure of non-financial and diversity information...
By Stephanos Evangelides
On 20 July 2017, the new EU Prospectus Regulation 2017/1129 ("Prospectus Regulation") was entered into force as a wider part of the EU Capital Market Union (CMU) initiative.
By Stephanos Evangelides
A trust is a relationship that arises when a property is vested in a person called the trustee, which is obliged to hold for the benefit of other personas called the beneficiaries.
By Stephanos Evangelides
The Cyprus Parliament voted in favor of imposing VAT on economic transactions regarding the sale or lease of land for economic purposes fulfilling its obligation towards the European Union...
By Stephanos Evangelides
A company limited by guarantee has members rather than shareholders.
By Christiana Antoniou, Stephanos Evangelides
Nowadays it is very common if not essential for many companies to obtain a loan in order to grow their businesses.