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By United IPR
After conducting IPR training at various ports across the country...
By United IPR
A patent grant gives a patentee the exclusive right to make or use the patented article or the patented process.
By United IPR
The promise doctrine is applied as an essential precondition requirement required to be fulfilled along with other standard requirements for patentability in order to obtain a patent registration in Canada.
By Lalit Vohra
A brand infringement is selling counterfeited goods with brand designs without brand authorization letter or obtaining distribution rights.
By United IPR
In today's era of demonetization in India Paytm has become a necessity rather than an option, but the brand has recently landed up in a controversy involving trademark issues.
By Karan Agarwal
3D printing concept is the biggest and the most technological advance development made in the present century.
By Karan Agarwal
In an effort to combat global counterfeiting of branded products on online platforms, an effective Online IPR Enforcement is the requirement of time.
By United IPR
Recently the iconic Taj Mahal Palace hotel in Mumbai has acquired an Image Trademark under the Trade Mark Act 1999 for its architectural design.
By United IPR
The report further claims that all necessary assistance is routinely provided through e-mails and help-desk to resolve the queries of Start-ups expeditiously.
Objections regarding the constitutional validity of the mark have also been raised.
By United IPR
This patent licensing deal with Nokia for its patented innovations with Xiaomi reflects the benefit of reaping a seed earlier and that seed was their innovations with the necessary IP protection.