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By Aparna Kareer
The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry have issued draft rules to amend the Patent Rules, 2003 (available here: See).
By Sumathi Chandrashekaran
The question of granting temporary injunctions is always a knotty one, and requires establishing whether the injunction-seeker has a prima facie case, whether the balance of convenience lies in their favour...
By Sumathi Chandrashekaran
Can a request for information under the Right to Information Act, 2005 ("RTI Act") be denied on grounds of being the copyright of a third party?
By Ashima Obhan, Shubhangi Agarwal
In a recent decision, the Supreme Court of India in M/S Shriram EPC Limited vs Rioglass Solar Sa1 has ruled that it is not necessary for a foreign arbitral award to be stamped.
By Sumathi Chandrashekaran
The business of online marketplaces is set to change. Certain kinds of online marketplaces need to now start disclosing details of the sellers that offer products on their websites,
By Sumathi Chandrashekaran
In a recent case before the Bombay High Court, although there appeared to be no infringing sale taking place at the time of the matter being decided.
By Sumathi Chandrashekaran
The decision also clarifies the role of the examiner and controller in the design registration process.
By Essenese Obhan
A key requirement of patentability is that the invention in question must be "capable of industrial application".
By Ashima Obhan, Shubhangi Agarwal
The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 ("Act") was implemented with the intention of amending the law related to promissory notes, bills of exchange and cheques.
By Essenese Obhan, Meetali Agarwal
In a recent decision, the Delhi High Court in Bigtree Entertainment v Brain Seed Sportainment, recently denied the Plaintiffs ( ...
By Sumathi Chandrashekaran
On 4 July, India agreed to sign up to the WIPO Copyright Treaty, 1996 (WCT) and WIPO Performers and Phonograms Treaty, 1996 (WPPT) (See).
By Essenese Obhan
The Delhi High Court in July 2018 ruled in favour of the international electronics giant, Philips, in a case involving its patents relating to DVD video players ...
By Sumathi Chandrashekaran
In 1970, the National Dairy Development Board of India launched Operation Flood (OF), which would become the one of biggest dairy development programmes in the world.
By Ashima Obhan, Akanksha Dua
The Specific Relief (Amendment) Act, 2018 ("AmendmentAct"), which has brought significant amendments to the Specific Relief Act, 1963 ("Act") ...
By Obhan & Associates
The Ministry of Corporate Affairs recently notified the Companies (Accounts) Amendment Rules, 2018 ("Rules") effective from July 31st, 2018.