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By Vishnu Chandran
The Finance Act of 2017 had amended Section 10(38) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 to the effect that long term capital gains from transfer of equity shares of companies listed on stock exchanges, ...
By Vishal Achanta
The important terms of a KEA are the intellectual property assignment, confidentiality, and non-compete/non-solicit covenants.
By Vijay Sambamurthi
Startups and funding go hand-in-hand.
By Vishal Achanta
This article will debate a point of company law: whether a company can do a ‘selective' issue of bonus shares to just a few shareholders?
By Vijay Sambamurthi
We lawyers love disclaimers, and I am going to start this piece by making a rather important one - I haven't actually read the letters/emails reportedly written by two whistleblowers to the SEBI...