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By Samer Abou Said, Jeffrey El Boustani
The United Arab Emirates, and particularly Dubai, has become a regional hub for regional and international distributors.
By Imad Kassir, Samer Abou Said
Small and medium-sized subcontractors often find themselves unable to recover monies owed to them by main contractors due to the high costs involved in legal proceedings.
By Samer Abou Said
The validity of arbitration agreements in Dubai remains subject to the strict observance by the courts of the formalities set out in the law and repeated case law of cassation courts.
By Samer Abou Said
Some UAE companies that are owed monies by the opposing parties are increasingly resorting to filing applications before UAE courts for the appointment of experts to assess the amounts owed ...
By Samer Abou Said
Much ink was spilled on the matter of setting aside arbitration awards that deal with cancellation of off-plan sale and purchase contracts before UAE courts.
By Samer Abou Said
The GCC area has witnessed an increase in the dependence on alternative dispute resolutions in the last decade, particularly in the construction industry. Arbitration remains the most prevalent method.
By Samer Abou Said
Some of the employers we meet in the UAE believe that the labour courts are naturally inclined to rule against them in disputes against their employees.
By Imad Kassir, Samer Abou Said
The law presumes that if a claimant does not bring his claim within a reasonable time, the claimant does not wish to pursue it.