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By Schaeffer Smith
Over the past decade, clinical co-management arrangements (CCMAs) have risen in popularity as a means to achieve a more integrated care delivery model.
By Chrissy Leggett
Small physician groups and solo practitioners take heart: CMS wants you to be successful in the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) without having to merge or be acquired.
By Amie Whittington
As discussed in my previous blog post, the IRS is ramping up compliance audits of governmental hospitals who are exempt under 501(c)3.
By Gregory Anderson
The previous installment of this blog series described the CMS Innovation Center and its mission to test innovative payment and delivery models and to implement the MACRA Quality Payment Program (QPP).
By Katherine Watts
With the proposed changes to the QPP released Wednesday, the new administration aims to reduce some administrative complexity and extend the flexibility that CMS provided in the initial year of the program, ...
By Gregory Anderson
The Affordable Care Act created the CMS Innovation Center to allow Medicare and Medicaid programs to test innovative payment and delivery models that improve patient care and lower healthcare costs.
By Amie Whittington
Is your governmental hospital exempt under Section 501(c)3? If you have a 403(b) plan, the answer is yes; and even if you don't—you need to check.