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By Alex Haslam, Tim Graham
The Royal Commission into misconduct in the banking, superannuation and financial services industry was established.
By Katherine Czoch, Justine Siavelis, Charu Stevenson
Recent NSW SC decision shows the far reaching powers of Australian courts to enforce limits on international social media.
By Alex Haslam, Katherine Czoch, Justine Siavelis, Nicholas Ben, Tim Graham
ASIC enforced best interests and appropriate advice duty laws pursuant to FoFA obligations under the Corporations Act.
By Justine Siavelis, Katherine Czoch, Alex Haslam, Julia Cudsi
This case serves as a reminder that large businesses should review their standard form contracts with small business.
By Alison Townend, Julia Cudsi, Nicholas Ben
This SA decision reaffirmed that, with proper foresight, commercial occupiers can protect themselves from liability.
By Fiona Errington, Rachel Teh
In many personal injury cases, the plaintiff may be the sole source of evidence of the circumstances of an accident.
By Katherine Czoch, Charu Stevenson
An analysis of G20 whistleblower protections found Australia's private sector whistleblower protections relatively weak.
By Paul Kozub, Charu Stevenson
This case narrows the scope of claims that can be brought against PCAs for economic loss caused by building defects.
By Paul Kozub, Catherine Hing
A tenant could bear some responsibility if they did not act as a reasonable tenant to avoid the risk of personal injury.
By Alison Townend, Jamie Ling, Stephen Connell
If a reasonable system of inspection is in place, the Courts are more likely to find in favour of owners and occupiers.
By Jason Newman, Manuela Heise
The Royal Commission made 85 recommendations to reform the justice system across Australia in the area of child abuse.
By Catherine Hing
The defendant could not rely on the defence in the dependency claim made under the Compensation to Relatives Act 1987.
By Katherine Czoch, Jamie Ling, David Farrugia
Entities must ensure adequate precautions as to data management, even when outsourcing to a third party IT provider.
By Joel Zyngier, Naazihah Jamal, Alexandra King
These cases are useful overviews of relevant principles a Court will apply in exercising its discretion to order costs.
By Sampath Soysa, Scott Shelly
The Court upheld the application of the exclusive choice of court and choice of law clause in the insurance policy.