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By Serkan İçtem
Question is often asked whether a custodian may be appointed to a company by courts to replace or co-exist with the current management and if so under which circumstances.
By Sila Yilmaz, Ece Özdemir
The continuation of the standstill process shall be decided within the first CCI meeting.
By Sila Yilmaz, Ece Özdemir
Bu hususların, Taslak Kanun'un yasalaşması ile kesinlik kazanacağı unutulmamalıdır.
By Serkan İçtem, Aslihan Erdem
At the beginning of 2018, important changes were made to the foreign exchange credit provisions, which will be discussed further in this article.
By Sila Yilmaz, Ece Özdemir
Mutual rescission agreements play a significant role in the general practice of employment law.
By Zeynep Yagmur, Ela Arikan
This being the case, under Article 5 (1) of the Communique, it is explicitly stated that burden of proof lies on the data controller with respect to fulfillment of this obligation.
By Sila Yilmaz, Beste Kuruoglu
Borçlunun yasal süresi içerisinde aleyhine başlatılmış olan iflas yolu ile icra takibine itiraz etmemesi durumunda alacaklı iflas davası açabilecektir.
By Serkan İçtem, Berna Aşık Zibel
The first anniversary of the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 ("Law") is now passed, however practice under the Law has not yet been clarified entirely.
By Bilge Zeynep Yilmaz, Serkan İçtem
Parties of an asset or share purchase agreement are often not aware of an inherent legal risk when structuring an acquisition deal specifically in case where a newly established special purpose company...
By Serkan İçtem, Zeynep Yagmur, Sila Yilmaz
This short paper sums up a list of questions and answers that an investor is likely to be interested to know before investing in Turkey.
By Sila Yilmaz, Yalcin Celebi
İhtiyati tedbir kurumu, 6100 sayılı Hukuk Muhakemeleri Kanunu ("HMK") Onuncu Kısım'da Geçici Hukuki Korumalar başlığı altında düzenlenmiştir.
By Serkan İçtem
Islamic financing in various forms and shapes is playing an increasingly important role within the overall money markets.
By Serkan İçtem, Zeynep Yagmur
The Movable Pledge Law introduces a number of innovations as for pledges to be perfected upon various types of moveable assets, rights of claim, and also includes a possibility to form a pledge...
These limitation clauses often arise from the need to control or prevent an outsider to acquire shares and reflect a protective measure introduced by existing company shareholders against outsiders.