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By Alexandros Economou
These terms are of the widest character, ranging from simple composition to an amalgamation of two or more companies, with a complete reorganisation of their share and loan capital.
By Alexandros Economou
The term ‘concentration' covers a host of instances, including the acquisition of ‘direct or indirect control' of the whole or part of another undertaking.
By Alexandros Economou, Chryso Antoniou
The Contract Law, Cap. 149 (the "Law"), regulates the contract relations between parties in Cyprus since 1960 and it is identical to the Indian Contract Act 1872..
By Alexandros Economou
On 13 September 2016, the Cyprus Government approved the new Scheme for the Naturalisation of Investors in Cyprus by Exception. The said scheme is based on subsection (2) in section 111A...
By Chryso Antoniou
The inconsistent implementation of the previous legal framework by Member States and the rapid technological developments have led to the need for stronger, more coherent and solid data protection rules.