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By Hannah McCrindle, Fleur Claoue De Gohr
There is no facility by which to formally register a foreign divorce in England & Wales per se. However, a divorce that took place abroad will be valid in the jurisdiction of England & Wales if,
By Expatriate Law
Under Law Number 1 of 1974 on Marriage ("1974 Marriage Law"), a marriage conducted in Indonesia becomes valid if it is done in accordance with each of [recognized] religion and belief in Indonesia.
By Alexandra Tribe
Did you know that the country you choose to divorce in can directly impact what assets you're left with? Or that being an unmarried expat couple is a legal issue in some countries?
By Expatriate Law
Mary and John are both British and were married for 25 years enjoying a high standard of living as expats in Singapore. One day John announced that he was miserable in the relationship...
By Expatriate Law
Sophie and David met in Brazil where they worked for the same company. Sophie was a British expat based in Brazil whereas David (who was French) came out to Brazil regularly for work...
By Expatriate Law
Including 5 years of premarital cohabitation moving seamlessly into marriage, Adam and Kim had been married for 20 years. There are two children of the marriage aged 19 and 15.
By Expatriate Law
Suzie and Joe are British, but live in Dubai with their 2 children aged 4 and 6. They had been living in Dubai for 5 years and were happy there until their marriage began to deteriorate.
By Expatriate Law
Andrew and Molly live in Dubai. Andrew was born in Scotland but has a British father. He holds a British passport. Molly is an Australian citizen. Andrew has not lived in England since 2003.
By Alexandra Tribe
If you are a British national who is resident in Japan, it is possible for you to divorce there, provided that you are able to satisfy the grounds for divorce.
By Alexandra Tribe
The decision to proceed with a divorce and the division of matrimonial assets is a daunting prospect for most people. Whilst it need not be made more complicated for Expatriates, there are a few...
By Alexandra Tribe
When considering divorce, people tend to think that you either sort things out yourself around the kitchen table or involve solicitors and go to court.
By Alexandra Tribe
Parental responsibility (PR) is defined by law as
By Hero Lomas
As an expat living in Brazil or elsewhere you may not even realise that you have a choice of countries in which to divorce.
By Sophie Capo-Bianco
Under English law, there is an option to legally separate from your spouse, which is popular for those who have a religious objection to being legally divorced, or for those who have not been married a year.
By Alexandra Tribe
Unfair settlement after a divorce abroad?