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By Hero Lomas
As an expat living in Brazil or elsewhere you may not even realise that you have a choice of countries in which to divorce.
By Sophie Capo-Bianco
Under English law, there is an option to legally separate from your spouse, which is popular for those who have a religious objection to being legally divorced, or for those who have not been married a year.
By Alexandra Tribe
Unfair settlement after a divorce abroad?
By Hero Lomas
Mediation and other forms of dispute resolution are becoming increasingly popular to resolve child custody disputes involving expats.
By Hannah McCrindle, Alexandra Tribe
When considering divorce as an expat, most people's first thought isn't "will my divorce be recognised in England?".
By Stephanie Allerton
In the fourth podcast in this series, Stephanie Allerton, solicitor at Expatriate Law, interviews Chantal van Baalen-van IJzendoorn, a partner at LINK lawyers in Amsterdan.
By Byron James
Some quarters of the press have behaved so badly recently that passengers are no longer able to buy their wares on Virgin West Coast trains. Unfortunately, the rest of us have to put up with them.
By Hannah McCrindle
For those living as an expat and considering divorce in Texas, it is important to weigh up the pros and cons of divorcing in Texas with those when divorcing in England.
By Alexandra Tribe
The number of couples living together unmarried has soared in recent years, with the number of people getting married slowly on the decline. As of November 2017...
By Alexandra Tribe
It is a common misconception that adultery is a ground for divorce in and of itself.
By Alexandra Tribe
In the third podcast in this series, Alexandra Tribe, solicitor at Expatriate Law, interviews Lauren Carmichael, formally an international legal consultant at Clark's attorneys in Johannesburg, South Africa.
By Stephanie Allerton
If you are British but live abroad as an expat, you may need to enforce your English maintenance order abroad. If you have divorced in England and Wales, it is likely that the financial aspects...
By Alexandra Tribe
Mediation is becoming an increasingly popular way for separating couples to resolve disputes, keeping legal costs to a minimum and reducing acrimony.
By Stephanie Allerton
If you have been divorced outside of England and Wales in an expat hub such as Singapore, China, Dubai or the US, you may also have obtained a court order from that country...
By Alexandra Tribe
A new scheme has been announced in Abu Dhabi which will allow non-Muslim expatriates to divorce through their church.