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By Alexandra Tribe
In a series of new podcasts, solicitors and barristers from Expatriate Law will interview leading family lawyers from other jurisdictions around the world.
By Alexandra Tribe
In this article, Expatriate Law reviews and summarizes important laws, criminal and otherwise, that expatriates should be aware of when living in Dubai or other parts of the UAE.
By Byron James
Byron James, Barrister at Expatriate Law, reviews the law, practice and procedure relating to the prevention of a Decree Nisi being made in to a Decree Absolute within divorce proceedings.
By Alexandra Tribe
I live in Dubai with my child and am separated from my unmarried expat partner, can I bring a child maintenance or other financial claim?
By Alexandra Tribe
Is Dubai a safe haven for errant husbands to avoid paying maintenance or capital orders to their former spouse?
By Byron James
In the NatWest "Quality of Life" index, the UAE and Dubai are ranked second only to Singapore, outranking all other typical expatriate locations such as Australia, New Zealand and Spain.
By Byron James, Alexandra Tribe
The efficacy of a court order or judgment is only as good as the ability to enforce it.
By Byron James
The first evidence of a no-fault divorce system being implemented was via the Bolshevik revolution enacted in Russia by the 1918 Decree on Divorce.
By Alexandra Tribe, Hannah McIndeor
After having made the very difficult decision to get a divorce, it can then seem a daunting prospect researching how to go about getting the ball rolling.
By Alexandra Tribe
Divorce can often come at a significant emotional cost, but does it have to come at a significant financial cost as well?
By Sonny Patel
A court's ability to accept an application for divorce is called its "jurisdiction". The choice of jurisdiction on divorce can have far-reaching implications financially.