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By Emma Hamilton
A current trend in the increasingly expensive Canadian housing market is parents helping children or grandchildren and their spouses with a down payment or mortgage on a first home.
By Susannah Roth
In March of this year, I wrote about the complications which can arise in administering an estate of an individual who owns a vacation home in a U.S. state such as Florida or Arizona.
By Margaret O'Sullivan
More than half of Canadians do not have wills, according to estimates.
By Margaret O'Sullivan
And we as advisors should review these limits with our clients during the estate planning process.
By Margaret O'Sullivan
Private foundations are flexible philanthropic vehicles, often created to promote family philanthropy.
By Margaret O'Sullivan
Perhaps your client owns a home or cottage that has been in the family for generations.
By Margaret O'Sullivan
Clients who've headed south for the winter may be looking at buying a U.S. vacation home.
By Margaret O'Sullivan
Many of our clients may be planning escapes to warmer climates.
By Margaret O'Sullivan
When a client dies leaving assets in more than one country, conflict of laws rules (also known as private international law or PIL rules) step in to help determine which country's law should govern succession of the estate.
By Margaret O'Sullivan
Some clients believe they'll earn lower investment returns if they use trusts in their estate planning, because trustees have restricted investment decision-making powers under trust law.
By Margaret O'Sullivan
An estate plan has the ability to cause conflict among family members, which can result in estate administration delays, litigation, and even bitterness toward the deceased.
By Margaret O'Sullivan
Few people use ethical wills right now, but I predict they will become more common in the future.
By Margaret O'Sullivan
Approximately one in seven Canadians has some form of disability, such as a long-term or recurring physical, mental, sensory, psychiatric or learning challenge or impairment.
By Margaret O'Sullivan
Marriage contracts, also known as prenuptial agreements if made prior to a marriage, can be valuable planning tools to protect clients if they get separated or divorced.
By Margaret O'Sullivan
Clients' increased mobility and globalization of their assets are making it much more common for them to own property in, or have connections to, several jurisdictions.