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By Jonathan Mayner
It will be looking into whether the audit sector is competitive and if it is resilient enough to maintain high quality standards.
By Tom Draper
When it comes to discrimination arising from disability in the workplace, the situation can be nuanced.
By Stuart Lester
Historically, anyone searching for a domain could use this free database to reveal the person or company behind a domain registration, including their name and address.
By Tom Draper
In the context of scandals like Harvey Weinstein and the #MeToo movement, it's more important than ever to change workplace culture.
By Lindsey Clegg
The High Court decision in Nori Holding Ltd v PJSC BOFC has confirmed that there is nothing in the Recast Brussels Regulation to cast doubt on the continuing validity of the ECJ (now CJEU) decision in West Tankers.
By Nigel Bolton, Kim Jones, Parminder Latimer
As Britain basks in its best summer since 1976 with sweltering temperatures and drought restrictions on water usage, a series of small but important stories have made their way into the pensions world ...
By Jonathan Mayner
Jonny Mayner reviews two Advertising Standards Authority Decisions from 2018 in which the regulator has taken a view on the validity or subsistence of intellectual property rights. Is the ASA overstepping its bounds?
By Tom Draper
If zero hour contracts are part of the business model for your organisation, this interesting case may highlight a need for clarity over the terms on which these workers are engaged.
By Arshia Hashmi
The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), has published its final report on the current and future impact of EEA migration on the UK.
By Tom Draper
If you have fact-based reasons for wanting to change something in the contractual terms of employees who have transferred to your organisation under TUPE, then it may be possible to change these terms.
By Robert Bruce
The long awaited effect of Regulations that will require Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) to obtain the written agreement of applicants before imposing pre-commencement conditions on planning permissions ...
By Jessica Brickley
A recent penalty issued by the Information Commissioner (ICO) on 3 September 2018 serves as a reminder of just how specific consent must be, when used to justify marketing by e-mail.
By Jonathan Mayner
Advertisers in the food sector face a challenging regulatory landscape, and can quickly be brought to task by the ASA if they are deemed to be in breach of codes of practice which protect the consumer.
By Freeths LLP
Digital transformation is a compromise: a cheaper, but poorer, alternative to human-led services.
By Philippa Dempster
Restrictive covenants are commonplace in contracts where one party is selling their business.