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By Susan Glenholme
From April this year, the family home will benefit from an additional inheritance tax allowance of £100,000.
By Susan Glenholme
Last month saw the introduction of an inheritance tax (IHT) threshold top-up designed to help spouses leaving the family home to children on death with reduced tax charges.
By Susan Glenholme
Have you thought about using a discretionary trust created in your lifetime as a way of protecting your family's assets in the future?
By Penny Daisley
The Ministry of Justice released the final version of the new pre-action protocol ("PAP") on the 21 March 2017.
By Adam Paterson
The case of Tini and Hugh Owens has shown the need for English divorce law to be updated to reflect modern life.
With Spring around the corner, many of us will be thinking about clearing out, cleaning up and generally getting our life in order.
By Michael Kerrigan
Case law concerning the Agency Worker Regulations remains limited. We recently advised a recruitment business involved in a dispute with a "temp" and a hirer regarding who was liable for an alleged breach of AWR Regulation 5.
By Penny Daisley
Poor cash flow is often cited as the primary reason for businesses failing. You can protect your business by having systems in place that make collecting unpaid invoices as hassle free as possible.
By Penny Daisley
On 31 January 2017, the government published guidance on the new regulations aiming to tackle the issue of late payments.
By Michael Henry
Unanimous Supreme Court decision finds in favour of charities – the pendulum swings back towards the principle of testamentary freedom.
By Barry Griffin
Probate, the process of dealing with someone's estate (property, possessions, cash, savings) when they pass away, can be applied for without seeing a lawyer, but it's not without risks.
By Susan Glenholme
Retirement is an opportune time to take stock of your assets and to think about gifting to save your estate inheritance tax (IHT).
By Susan Glenholme
Some adults are less able to protect themselves and have difficulty making their wishes and feelings known, making them vulnerable to abuse.
By Luke Harrison
Much of lower value litigation in the multi-track takes place in the county court. Recent cuts and supposed efficiency moves have led to a fragmented county court system.
By Penny Daisley
A company is considered insolvent if it cannot pay its debts as and when they fall due.