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By Josiah T. Momose
The JPO is making its procedures for examining trademark applications that have been preceded by defectively filed applications more transparent after some confusion that caught up the media in Japan.
By Keisen Associates
An old trademark associated with a failed business's old products, such as tape cassettes, seems like a hard sell.
By Keisen Associates
Reuters has published its ranking of the 2017 Asia Pacific's Most Innovative Universities listing 75 schools for technology and intellectual property.
By Keisen Associates
In a possibly consequential decision, the IP High Court overturned the Tokyo District Court's infringement case decision against Debiopharm International S.A., judging that plaintiff Nichi-Iko's patent...
By Keisen Associates
The Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC) is known for being strict, even (some would say) overbearing with those who perform music that is covered by...
By Josiah T. Momose
The JPO recently issued the JPO Status Report 2017 (in Japanese and English) to give the public a better idea of how the JPO is working to improve its services. Commissioner Yoshinori Komiya...
By Keisen Associates
While Asian countries are often seen as loose on copyright infringement, the Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC) is known for being strict...
By Mari Sanchez Yamagishi, Taro Yaguchi
Missed the first deadline for an Office Action response?
By Keisen Associates
The Japan Patent Office (JPO) continues to expand its Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) network with pilot programs initiated with the INPI of Brazil and Argentina, respectively, from April 1, 2017.
By Mari Sanchez Yamagishi, Josiah T. Momose
Since the Revision to Japanese Patent Law effective from April 2016, the JPO has modified rules for extending the deadline for responding to Pre-Appeal Office Actions*, both minor and major.
By Keisen Associates
This raises hopes for improved IP prosecution processes when one files to two or more of the involved countries.
By Keisen Associates
Please note that you would not receive any letter from the JPO regarding the renewal instructions, and there is no specific renewal requirement in Japan.
By Keisen Associates
Furthermore, the JPO will examine applications filed on or after April 1, 2016 under the Guidelines and Handbook-specified procedures that are updated to meet requirements of the Patent Law Treaty.
By Keisen Associates
This patent may come as a surprise for its non-mechanical, general content of a method for serve steaks.
By Taro Yaguchi
Keisen Associates hopes that this new slideshow presentation may introduce you to the options you have for protecting your work in Japan, and how we can help you.