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By David Huang
The Beijing Higher People's Court (BHPC) and Beijing Intellectual Property Court (BIPC) recently issued their judgments in a number of high-profile validity cases in the life science area.
By Lexfield Law Offices
Beijing Higher People's Court recently issued its final decision finding a later trademark application for "蓝精灵" (pronounced as "Lan Jing Ling"), the common name of smurfs in China...
By Lexfield Law Offices
The case has been extensively reported and intensively followed within and outside China, with a central question being whether the court would grant an injunction.
By Lexfield Law Offices
On March 1, 2017, the State Intellectual Property Office of China of China announced formal amendments to its Patent Examination Guidelines.
By Lexfield Law Offices
The case concerns a design patent on a zipper.
By Lexfield Law Offices
Baidu claimed that the 5 companies conducted fraudulent activities off-line although they all provided true and qualified documents when contracting Baidu for promoting their business on
By Hairuo Zhang
In two recent trademark administrative cases, Supreme Court of China for the first time recognizes the value of consent letter issued by the cited trademark owner and allowed two nearly identical trademarks....
By Lexfield Law Offices
May 4, 2017, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of China issued Measures for Oral Hearing for Trademark Review Cases by Trademark Review and Adjudication Board that takes effect immediately.
By Lexfield Law Offices
The DRAFT lists five major aspects that SAIC would like to improve regarding enterprise name registration and administration.
By Lexfield Law Offices
The revised Criteria are expected to strengthen the protection of prior-right holders and curb malicious trademark squatting.
By Lexfield Law Offices
It has been a common practice for foreign applicants to file a PPH request to expedite the examination of a Chinese patent application based on a positive examination result of a foreign counterpart application, ...
By Geoffrey Zha
In a non-use cancellation action decided in March 2017, the China Trademark Review & Adjudication Board (TRAB) accepted the evidence provided by LexField on behalf of a US company and rejected the action filed by an Australian company.
By David Huang
The China Food and Drug Administration on May 12 proposed for the public's comments a draft regulation entitled Relevant Policies for Encouraging Innovations on Drugs and Medical Devices and Protecting Innovators' Rights and Interests ...
By Grace Guo
The Shanghai Intellectual Property Court ("Shanghai IP Court") recently issued a judgment finding that an OEM manufacturer infringed upon domestic trademark registrations when manufacturing identical products for a foreign trademark owner for pure exporting purposes.
By Nancy Zhang
In February 2017, the China Trademark Review & Adjudication Board (TRAB) supported the trademark invalidation action raised by a US company and decided the registration of the trademark "DROPCAM & Chinese characters" to be invalid.