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By Kosta Law Firm
During its 9th regular session on March 28, the Senate of the Oliy Majlis (an upper house of the Uzbek Parliament) approved several major changes in the Constitution and some legislative acts.
By Kosta Law Firm
A course of the new Uzbek leadership is firmly aimed at improving the country's economic performance and attraction of foreign investment.
By Kosta Law Firm
The law establishes that rules governing Commission's activities must be elaborated by the Presidential Administration.
By Kosta Law Firm
Systematic problems with respect to foreign exchange and repatriation of profits may still be observed in Uzbekistan.
By Kosta Law Firm
Today's Legal Highlight is dedicated to such complex topic as permanent establishment ("PE"). Under Uzbek Law, PE is not considered as separate legal entities and used solely for tax purposes.
By Kosta Law Firm
This brief summary outlines the key provisions of the Uzbek Law on Limited and Additional Liability Companies No. 310-II of 6 December 2001 with respect to a corporate governance structure of limited and additional liability companies ...
By Kosta Law Firm
Since November 2016, the Government of Uzbekistan has been introducing a series of legislative amendments aimed at significant simplification of company registration procedures.
By Kosta Law Firm
The Minister of Public Health of Uzbekistan issued an order No.2118-2 dated September 23, 2016 on amendment of the Regulation on prescription of pharmaceuticals.
By Nail Hassanov, Maxim Dogonkin
Joint-stock companies, limited and additional liability companies, general and limited partnerships are covered by M&A legislation. M&A transactions are regulated by the following laws and legislative acts.
By Kosta Law Firm
The Uzbek Parliament has introduced amendments into the Code of Administrative Responsibility and the Criminal Code of the Republic that will have a significant impact on collection...
By Azizbek Akhmadjonov, Maxim Dogonkin
Please set out the various regimes applicable to recognising and enforcing judgments in your jurisdiction and the names of the countries to which such special regimes apply.
By Kosta Law Firm
Uzbekistan has undergone drastic changes related to unexpected death of its first president, Mr. Islam Karimov.