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By Thomas Gerard Schmidt, Dawid Prozesky
Fluctuations in patent activity provide insight into trends which can have major implications for people and organisations who deal with Intellectual Property.
By Mercia Fynn
Trade secrets are a form of intellectual property which can be broadly described as information which is known only by a particular business and is used by that business to obtain an advantage over its competitors.
By Zama Buthelezi
In September 2014, Eight-Mile Style, the publisher of Eminem's "lose yourself" song filed legal proceedings against New Zealand's National party, claiming copyright infringement of Eminem's Grammy...
By Vicky Stilwell
One of the main drivers behind copyright law is to promote the development of art and culture.
By Annelise Engelbreg
By Dawid Prozesky
Micro-organisms, although the subject matter of patent applications from as early as 1873 internationally, are fast becoming a focus area in South African local patent practice.
By Pieter Lombard
South Africa, being blessed with an abundance in natural resources, naturally, sees its fair share of patent applications directed towards a process or apparatus for producing a product.
By Tammi Pretorius
The Copyright Amendment Bill was first published in 2015 for public comment, and was predominantly met with a large amount of criticism.
By Karen Kitchen
The relevant Act that governs and regulates labelling of wine products is the Liquor Products Act 60 of 1989 ("the LPA").
By Natasha Mohunlal
A parallel import (also referred to as "grey goods") is a genuine product which is imported from another country without the consent of the Intellectual Property right owner.
By Chezanne Haigh
Nestlé, the Swiss confectionary company, may need to follow its KitKat slogan and take a break from its ten-year battle with Cadbury to get the particular shape of its four-fingered chocolate bar...
By Chezanne Haigh
With the release of the much-anticipated live action superhero movie starring Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman is in the limelight as never before.
By Karen Kitchen
CONGRATULATIONS you have manufactured a new craft beer and people love it!
By Thando Zibi
Starting a business can be a daunting task if you do not know where to begin. Your brilliant idea is merely the beginning of your journey to becoming an entrepreneur.
By Ursula Baravalle
The term "biopiracy" was coined to refer to the appropriation of plants and traditional knowledge by corporations and other entities for their own financial gain.