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By BRI Ferrier
The Rambaldi case considered Quistclose trusts, third party payments and preference recoveries in a bankruptcy context.
By Costa Nicodemou, Brett Lennane
The Budget proposes to shift the responsibility of remitting GST on new residential sales from developers to purchasers.
By Costa Nicodemou, Brett Lennane
Property market conditions in the short to medium term will be challenging for developers, financiers and valuers.
By BRI Ferrier
The appointment of an administrator may be terminated as a consequence of directors being motivated by improper purposes.
By Stuart Otway, Alan Scott
In this article, we highlight some of the most interesting cases we have been involved in that relate to the PPSA.
By Robyn Karam
This article explores how construction companies may unlock hidden value in the form of a estimated income tax refund.
By Costa Nicodemou, Brett Lennane
Rigorous analysis of pre-sales risks is vital as residential property developments grow in cost, size and complexity.
By Moira Carter
The new legislation aims to promote a culture of entrepreneurship and a reduction in the stigma around company failure.
By Costa Nicodemou, Brett Lennane
Developers need to understand that lenders, concerned with prudent lending standards, focus on the quality of pre-sales.
By Costa Nicodemou, Brett Lennane
This is the first in a 4-part series of articles on pre-sales in the Australian residential property development sector.
By Peter Krejci
In this article, we discuss the ATO's recent changes and the implications for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
Courts, through judicial discretion, supervise the proposed transition from winding up to a deed of company arrangement.
By Robyn Karam
Anyone familiar with the attributes of exponential organisations will notice these attributes in successful businesses.
By Andrew Strazdins
This article discusses the extent that the provision allows encroachment on the rights of a circulating security holder.
By Andrew Strazdins
Administrators seeking these orders need to satisfy the court that no disadvantage to creditors will be experienced.