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By Marc Spivak
In Canada, reasonable expectation of personal safety is enforced criminally and civilly and in a previous post we already described the implications associated with dishonest sexual assault...
By Mason Morningstar
More than ever, unmarried (or "common law") couples are living in conjugal relationships that are indistinguishable from marriage. Many of these couples will be surprised to learn that, in Ontario,
By Christopher Statham, Michelle Cook (Summer Law Student)
Ontario's new Construction Lien Amendment Act (the "Act") has significantly overhauled Ontario's construction law rules. While the first set of the amendments have already come into force ...
By Robert Adourian
We have recently looked at the validity of a Will, when the uncertainty of the testator's wishes are apparent.
By Christopher Statham, Michelle Cook (Summer Law Student)
On July 1, 2018, the first set of changes under Ontario's Construction Lien Amendment Act (the "Act") came into force
By Mason Morningstar
Until married couples obtain a divorce, the law still considers them to be married, even if they are living separate and apart.
By Maya Krishnaratne
Emigrating to another country can sometimes be a very lengthy and daunting process.
By Mason Morningstar
November 8th, 2018 by Mason Morningstar The definition of "common law" couples differs depending on which legal rights are in question, and it is possible to be considered "common law" in one context ....
By David Schell
On October 17, 2018, the historic formation of a new industry was birthed and the decriminalisation of cannabis and its recreational use was finally introduced.
By Farzana Jiwani
We have discussed the topic of divorce in a previous blog post, however at Devry Smith Frank LLP, we are aware that typically, traditions vary in different cultures. In particular, the South Asian community.
By Katelyn Bell (Summer Law Student)
In our previous blog post, we discussed the serious implications of cannabis affiliation at the U.S. Border.
By Marty Rabinovitch, Michelle Cook (Summer Law Student)
Last week Doug Ford announced that he was halting the implementation of a $15 per hour minimum wage in Ontario ...
By Devry Smith Frank LLP
A recent decision stemming from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice is likely to have far-reaching implications on wills across the Province, and your will could be one of them.
By Katelyn Bell (Summer Law Student)
On Thursday, August 23 2018, the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) declined to hear an appeal that has been over seven years in the making.
By Cayley Rodd, Janet Son
With the Barrie rental market heating up, landlords and tenants alike must be aware of the new standard form lease that now applies to almost all residential tenancies in Ontario.
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