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By Can Özilhan, Murat Soylu
In its original form, the Turkish Commercial Code ("TCC") dated 13 January 2011 and numbered 6102 required all joint stock and limited liability companies to perform independent audits...
By Murat Soylu, Can Özilhan
Free trade zones are special sites which, despite being located within the political borders of a country, are legally considered to be outside of its customs area.
By Yeşim Bezen, Selcuk Aydin, Uğur Sebzeci
The Obligated Parties will also be required to implement and enforce procedures to assess the conformity of their products and retain the records related to these procedures for at least ten years.
By Bezen & Partners
The electricity to be generated will be sold for a period of 15 years as of the signing date of the RESA Right of Usage Agreement.
By Can Özilhan
An expert witness is a specialist consulted by the courts in the resolution of disputes for matters requiring technical or otherwise specific expertise.
By Yeşim Bezen, Murat Soylu, Can Özilhan
Sukuk are Islamic investment certificates which entitle investors to an economic interest in the underlying assets supporting the issuance.
By Bezen & Partners
Following the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 20 July 2016 on the state of emergency, certain laws, decree laws and communiqués were enacted for the purpose of maintaining national security.
By Murat Soylu, Can Özilhan
The Capital Markets Board ("CMB") has recently effected changes to its rules on forex and public disclosures.
By Aykut Bakırcı, Yeşim Bezen, Yunus Akşin Pınar
The Turkish National Lottery has been included in the privatisation agenda since 2003 without success. Most recently, the licence for the games of chance has now been transferred...
By Yeşim Bezen, Aykut Bakırcı, Murat Soylu, Yunus Akşin Pınar
Under international law, the prejudicial clause is also a violation of BITs between the Republic of Turkey and a number of other countries.
By Murat Soylu, Can Erselcan
The Regulation on the Procedures and Principles for the Reimbursement of Investors by the Investor Compensation Centre Regarding the Partial Annulment of Article 13(4) of the Capital Market Law . . .
By Murat Soylu, Selcuk Aydin
Significant changes have been made to the to the signature procedure for Articles of Association ("AoA") under the Turkish Commercial Code numbered 6102 (the "TCC").
By Murat Soylu, İpek Okucu
The Regulation on Part-time Work following Maternity Leave or Unpaid Leave (the "Regulation") was published in the Official Gazette numbered 29882 on 8 November 2016.
By Murat Soylu, İpek Okucu, Yasemin Keskin
The amendments made to the Stamp Tax Law dated 11 July 1964 and numbered 488 and the Legal Fees Law dated 17 July 1964..
By Murat Soylu, Can Erselcan
This provides a secure environment for transactions and removes the default risk of counterparties in the Money Market.