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By Johannes Stillig
Today's perception of the hacker is often informed by the latest action thriller coming out of Hollywood. But in truth this couldn't be further from the case.
By Ben Hobbs
Recent statistics show that identity theft is on the rise, with a 57% increase in the number of identity thefts in the last year. Individuals in their thirties and fifties saw the biggest increases.
By Magnus Boyd
With new notification requirements and a risk of increased fines, the GDPR will require organisations based in or with operations inside the EU, to adhere to a new regulatory framework in the event of a data breach.
By Tom Double
In May 2016, my colleague Matthew Newton outlined some of the reasons for "de-risking" in the banking industry.
By Matthew Newton
The majority of global financial institutions and the countries in which they're headquartered base their definition on the guidance issued by the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering.
By Nick Brough
The success of Pokémon GO marks a significant milestone in the growing use of augmented reality and its implications for privacy.
By Ben Hobbs
While Companies House makes moves to increase transparency about beneficial ownership of companies, it is also considering deleting vast amounts of public records concerning dissolved companies.
By David Imison
Cyber insurance in itself will not protect a business against a cyber-attack, but what it will ensure is a degree of financial cover for when it does happen.
By David Imison
The codes and regulations that govern our reputation and privacy are currently being debated the world over.
By Zoe Rose
Many organisations are still lacking the adequate tools, processes and procedures to identify cyber-attacks against their organisations.
By Magnus Boyd
Compromised data compromises goodwill. As the public wakes up to how much of its data is in circulation, how long it can be stored and how much value it has, they are rightly demanding that it be properly secured.