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By Ashni Roy, Davis Kanjamala
Rapid strides in the field of technology has made e-commerce a viable platform for trade, accessible to ordinary retail buyers and sellers separated geographically ...
By Divi Dutta, Himanshu Malhotra
1.1 Estate duty was a form of tax which was levied on the total value of the property held by an individual calculated at the time of his / her demise.
India and Japan are among the largest Asian economies. They are, in many respects, natural trading partners. Indeed, in 2011, the two countries signed the India-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (‘CEPA'), which is a free trade agreement aiming to promote and protect cross-border trade and investment between the two countries.
By Jay Parikh
In order to better understand the legal commotion surrounding crypto-currency, it is important to review the factors that have led to its development and growth in the recent past.
By Abhay Sharma
According to the Economic Survey Report 2017-18, the tax department loses over 65% of its cases against taxpayers upon appeal.
By Ajit Warrier, Aditya Nayyar
In the view of the author, the resultant imbroglio is capable of resolution by making certain timely amendments in the 2015 Act.
By Kanishk
A committee of experts constituted by the MoD under the chairmanship of Shri Dhirendra Singh first mooted the strategic partnership model in its report submitted in July, 2015...
By Tejas Karia, Surjendu Sankar Das, Trishala Kulkarni
The disputes between M/s Lion Engineering Consultants ("Appellant") and State of Madhya Pradesh ("Respondent") in relation to a works contract were referred to arbitration.
By Promode Murugavelu, Karthika Menon, Saloni Ahuja
The Consolidated FDI Policy (FDI Policy) states that 100% FDI is allowed under automatic route in e-commerce activities.
By Tejas Karia, Ila Kapoor, Ananya Aggarwal, Aishwarya Narayanan
The Supreme Court, in Board of Control for Cricket in India v. Kochi Cricket Private Limited, has put to rest the controversy surrounding the construction and interpretation of Section 26...
By Smarika Singh, Shreya Sircar
In recent times, Consumer Courts have been grappling with the issue that in the event of failure to offer possession within the contractually stipulated period prescribed in the Agreement for Sale...
By Tejas Karia, Surjendu Sankar Das, Avlokita Rajvi
The Arbitration and Conciliation (Amendment) Bill, 2018 to further amend the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 was approved on 7 March 2018 by Cabinet of Ministers for introduction...
By Anuj Berry, Malak Bhatt, Abhik Chakraborty
It may be worth noting that in the United States of America, there has been substantial litigation on this issue.
By Tejas Karia, Surjendu Sankar Das, Avlokita Rajvi
In disputes between Sundaram Finance Limited ("Appellant") and Abdul Samad in relation to default in repayment of a loan, an ex-parte arbitration award was made on 22 October 2011 in favour of the Appellant ("Award").
By Shailaja Lall, Shivangi Talwar, Arush Upmanyu
As has been eulogised in the media over the past few years, the insurance industry in India is one of the most regulated, challenging yet untapped sectors in India, ...