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By Hikmet Kasaroğlu
Günümüzde en ileri teknoloji ürünü sistemlerle donanmış olan, yaptığı teknolojik atılımlarla ve gerçekleştirdiği projelerle gücünü her geçen gün daha da arttıran Türk savunma sanayisi, bu alanda yatırım yapan girişimciler ve şirketler için de önemli bir pazar hâline gelmiştir.
By Hikmet Kasaroğlu
Turkish defense industry, which is equipped with high technology systems and becoming more powerful due to its technological attempts and improved projects, recently has become a significant market for entrepreneurs and investors who are active in this field.
By Hikmet Kasaroğlu
As well as court decisions, applicability of foreign arbitral awards also depends on fulfilment the conditions specified in legislation.
By Pınar İskender Erkut
As of today, spring 2016, ICSID has 147 members, though there are members that are yet to ratify the Convention.
By Cavit Yöner
There are no clear provisions or regulations under Labor Law and relevant legislation as to whether to pay a severance pay to the employee with the termination of the Fixed-Term Employment Agreement.
By Hikmet Kasaroğlu, Duygu Ünel
Turkey has been known with its potential of mine variety which also attracts the attention of the foreign investors.
By Hikmet Kasaroğlu
It can be said that, at the beginning, PPP models have been created for the projects which needed high financial resources in different sectors like telecommunication, water systems, transportation, energy and medical care.
By Nazlı Ceren Başbabası
Naturally; the performance of the parties' obligations is the main aim of each contract, in respect of general law principle of "pacta sunt servanda".
By Pınar İskender Erkut, Nazlı Ceren Başbabası
Under Turkish laws, although force majeure is a valid reason for termination of an agreement, there is not any regulation which defines force majeure or states the objective criteria of the same.
By Hikmet Kasaroğlu, Fatih Özbek
Financial leasing agreements gained legal force under Turkish Law with the Financial Leasing Law No. 3226 dated 28 June 1985 ("Annulled Law") and Statutory Decree No. 90 dated 30 September 1983 on Loan Transaction.
By Hikmet Kasaroğlu, Pınar İskender Erkut
Most of the family corporations, which play an important role in the trade life, cannot institutionalize because of the multiple shareholding structures, showing emotional approach instead of the corporate approach...
By Cavit Yöner
Article 35 of the Land Registry Law No. 2644 has been amended by the Law No. 6302 which entered into force on 18 May 2012.
By Hikmet Kasaroğlu, Pınar İskender Erkut
Several major infrastructural projects have started to be realized in Turkey for the last decades.
By Hikmet Kasaroğlu, Duygu Ünel
One of the most significant problems confronted by the parties of a commercial transaction is the defective performance of the contract.
By Hikmet Kasaroğlu, Pınar İskender Erkut
Whilst the Law has been in force for a long time, most people are not aware of the provisions of the same and the penalties imposed therein.