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By Daniel Strigberger
The License Appeal Tribunal has held that a person who tripped over stone blocks and fell into a parked Honda vehicle was involved in an "accident", making him entitled to receive accident benefit...
By Alexandra Wilkins
The Court of Appeal has determined that an Insurer is not required to provide a justification for its request that a claimant attend an examination under oath under section 33 of the SABS.
By Neil Colville-Reeves
Brokers negligence and the standard of care is front and center in the recent Nova Scotia Court of Appeal decision in Marsh Canada Ltd. V. Grafton.
By Neil Colville-Reeves
The Court of Appeal has upheld a trial judge's decision finding the City of Sudbury negligent for failure to properly maintain a roadway during inclement winter conditions.
By Alexandra Wilkins
The Court of Appeal has brought some clarity to time limits for appraisals under the Insurance Act.
By Neil Colville-Reeves
The Court of Appeal has affirmed a Superior Court decision which determined that Starbucks assumed responsibility and control and became an occupier of a portion of a municipal sidewalk.
By Neil Colville-Reeves
The Ontario Divisional Court has weighed in on an application under the JRPA for a stay of LAT proceedings pending a review of 2 rulings refusing the insurers requests for an adjournment.
By Kerry O'Connor
In the recent decision of M.P. v. Certas Home and Auto Insurance Company, the License Appeal Tribunal has tackled the issue of whether attendant care expenses are incurred where a claimant's "professional" attendant care provider is also a family member.
By Julianne Brimfield
The arbitrator initially found that the claimant's injuries arose from an "accident" as defined in the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule – Effective September 1, 2010 (SABS).
By Lisa Armstrong
In MK v Dumfries Mutual, LAT adjudicator Jeanie Theoharis stated that "in arbitration hearings an Applicant's credibility is vital, particularly where there are competing medical opinions".
By Dan Inkpen
This decision reinforces the importance of considering the merit of each treatment and assessment plan disputed, despite a Section 38 deficiency.
By Daniel Strigberger
In Benson v. Belair, an Ontario resident fell off the back of an All-Terrain Vehicle in Fort Nelson, British Columbia.
By Alexandra Wilkins
The Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal recently released decision #1572/16 confirming that a company's failure to register with the Board is not, in and of itself, a bar to a worker receiving benefits from the WSIB.
By Daniel Strigberger, Andrew Mercer
Auto insurance coverage issues can be very obvious – or very discreet. Auto Insurance Coverage Law in Ontario deals with the challenges of addressing the myriad possible issues that can arise in the context of an auto insurance dispute.
By Devan Marr
The recent LAT decision of S.G. and Unifund, 16-000879/AABS by Adjudicator Anna Truong should be seen as a win for proper procedure and that the LAT will follow the Heath analysis of non-earner benefits.