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By David Ellis
How do you retain and incentivise short-term employees? How do you secure the loyalty of the people vital to your continued growth? And how can you tie your wage bill more closely to your profits? These are some of the main employment issues facing the licensed trade.
Pension schemes are under-used as recruitment tools, according to new research by the Trade Union Congress (TUC). But where does this leave smaller companies?
More and more Britons are buying second properties. But whether you’re after a place in the sun or a buy-to-let venture (or both), you need to plan your ownership carefully to avoid unnecessary surprises. Here, we look at a few of the main points to watch.
By Jon Breach, Peter Daniel
Detective work used to be restricted to eccentrics based in Baker Street or to the local CID. Today, a forensic investigation approach is increasingly used when businesses change hands, not because companies are typically out to defraud, but because the process itself is complex and the scope for misunderstandings significant.
In May 2004, BDO Stoy Hayward undertook a research project based on interviews with 100 venture capitalists investing in companies with a turnover up to £200m. The aim of the survey was to gauge their views and expectations for the private equity market in the coming year and to understand their investment focus and motivation better.
By Jon Breach, Graham Clayworth
Any business whose owner managers are themselves the core assets of the business, is a prime candidate for an earn-out deal – which is why earn-outs are a common feature of acquisitions in the media sector.