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By Lautenschlager, Romeiro E Iwamizu Advogados
The new Brazilian anti-corruption legislation, aligned with the commitments that the Brazilian government undertook in adhering to the OECD Convention, establishes the direct responsibility of the company for corruption...
By Lautenschlager, Romeiro E Iwamizu Advogados
In a ruling issued on August 4th last, the Plenary of the Superior Labor Court of Appeals (TST) found unconstitutional the text of the caput of Article 39 of Law 8.177/91...
By Lautenschlager, Romeiro E Iwamizu Advogados
The New Civil Procedural Law Code introduces deep changes in the Brazilian procedural law system and directly impacts Tax Law insofar as tax law adopts on a complementary basis the provisions of the Civil Procedural Law Code.
By Lautenschlager, Romeiro E Iwamizu Advogados, Gilberto De Castro Moreira, Flora Ferreira De Almeida, Lais Helena Horta Maia
This opinion led to the publication of the RFB's Interpretation Decision nr. 5/2014 ("ADI 5/2014"), which revoked Regulatory Declarative Decision COSIT 1/2000 of the RFB ("AND COSIT 1/2000").