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By Sumit Makhija
Customer complaints on social media have also been known to go viral, causing damage to the brand and preventing a chance for resolution.
By Rohit Mahajan
A company cannot use lack of knowledge of an agent's activities as a defence against prosecution under the FCPA.
By Sumit Makhija
The corporation in question is a leading multinational with widely acknowledged best practices and a strong governance focus.
By Nikhil Bedi
Companies today need to be agile and efficient to remain viable, and this calls for co-operation, collaboration, and delegation to achieve business goals, resulting in a complex network of business relationships...
By Sumit Makhija
In the last two years, three of the most significant fraud and reputational damage cases reported by the media arose due to social media exposure.
By Sumit Makhija
To cope, SMBs tend to ‘work around' these requirements, adopting practices that may be perceived as corrupt.
By Rohit Mahajan
With a growing number of enforcements today, compliance has moved from the back-office into the Board Rooms.
By Rohit Mahajan, Veena Sharma
On 14 December 2015, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) came out with a notification pertaining to reporting of frauds..
By Rajat Vig
Small businesses are significantly more likely than their larger counterparts to neglect instituting basic anti-fraud controls that can save them from costly losses, as inferred by responses to our India Fraud Survey, Edition II.
By Amit Bansal
To avoid punitive action under the Competition Act, 2002 ("Competition Act"), Indian organizations need to build a strong culture of compliance.
By Jayant Saran
This year the world has possibly experienced the largest number of large-scale data breaches ever.
By Sumit Makhija, Anshuk Megharikh
As is the case with the election of every new American President, businesses around the world have been waiting to understand the trade, business and regulatory policies of the new administration...
By Rajat Vig
Recent instances of large scale hacking and social engineering are indicators of what technology, in the hands of fraudsters, can result in.
By Deloitte  
As consumerism in India grows, there is also an accompanied rise in the movement of counterfeit goods in the market.
By Jayant Saran
Blockchain gained popularity about seven years ago, as the underlying platform powering Bitcoin, a popular virtual cryptocurrency.