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By Şahin Ardiyok, Pınar Artiran, Fırat Eğrilmez
For a long while now the Trump administration is expected to impose tariffs on steel imports directed to the United States of America (U.S.).
By Şahin Ardiyok, Gediz Çınar
Rules and principles governing foreign investments in Turkey are regulated by Direct Foreign Investment Act no. 4875. The Act designates the manner in which foreign investment shall be treated.
By Şahin Ardiyok, Dilara Yeşilyaprak
Price squeeze measures essentially serve to eliminate problems arising from vertical integration structures.
By Şahin Ardiyok, Ceren Ustunel
In 2016, three domestic producers lodged a complaint to the Ministry of Economy concerning the imports of photovoltaic (solar) panels and modules ("solar panels") originating in the People's Republic of China ("China").
By Şahin Ardiyok, Barış Yüksel
The competition law enforcement in Turkey is based on private and public enforcement pillars. TCA has sole discretion to enforce the Competition Act whereas the litigations initiated by the victims of anti-competitive conduct are seen in private courts.
By Şahin Ardiyok, Gediz Çınar
In May 2007 European Commission launched an inquiry in the motor vehicle sector aiming to assess the evolution of the competitive landscape. Outcome of the inquiry was the Commission Regulation on vertical agreements and concerted practices in the motor vehicle sector.
By Şahin Ardiyok, Gülce Korkmaz
Communiqué Concerning the Mergers and Acquisitions Calling for the Authorization of the Competition Board was amended on 24.02.2017.
By Şahin Ardiyok, Can Yıldız
A few months ago, we reported that Law no. 6745 on "Promoting Investments on Project Basis and Amending Some Laws and Decree Laws" was promulgated on 7 September and that article 80 of this law . . .
By Şahin Ardiyok, Tolga Turan
The path that the liberalizing power markets have followed in many countries has common milestones that have been explored in the literature regarding power market liberalization pretty widely and thoroughly.
By Şahin Ardiyok, Barış Yüksel
With employees and customers from all around the world, multinational companies need to keep the personal data they deal with safe.
By Şahin Ardiyok, Tolga Turan, Can Yıldız
Regulation on Renewable Energy Designated Areas (Regulation) came into force following its promulgation in the Official Gazette dated 9 October. The Regulation is expected to pave the way for large-scale renewable energy investments in Turkey.
By Şahin Ardiyok, Belit Polat
Turkey's Council of Ministers declared a three-month state of emergency (SOE) on 20 July 2016, in the aftermath of the coup attempt on 15 July 2016.
By Şahin Ardiyok, Emin Köksal, Barış Yüksel
The past year staged many developments in technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) in Turkey.
By Şahin Ardiyok, Gülce Korkmaz
Turkish Industry & Business Association (TUSIAD) has launched a report entitled "Inflation in the Food Sector in the Perspective of Structural Issues" on 28 September 2016.
By Şahin Ardiyok, Tolga Turan
For countries that do not have their own gas deposits, import dependency turns out to be a substantial concern.