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By Steven M. Shape, Malte Köllner, Cary Levitt
Dennemeyer & Associates' Frosecution™ solution assists with global patent filing, as Steven Shape, Cary Levitt and Dr. Malte Kollner explain.
By Sebastian Deck, Chris Dooley
The core results of IP Trend Monitor's first survey show that the IP industry is on an ascending trajectory, growing fast in all segments, and has China leading the way, closely followed by Europe...
By Sebastian Deck, Malte Köllner
Das letzte IP Update von Dr. Malte Köllner zu aktuellen Entwicklungen in der Welt der gewerblichen Schutzrechte, fand wieder in Kooperation Patentinformationszentrum (PIZ) Darmstadt statt.
By Dennemeyer  
40 years ago, Chapter I of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) entered into force. The PCT initially applied in 13 states. In 2017, Jordan became the 152nd state to join the system.
By Russell Baylin, Leon Steinberg
When selecting a docketing service, most customers demand uncompromising quality and experienced staff with deep domain experience.
By Dennemeyer  
By the end of March 2019, United Kingdom is due to leave the European Union
By Martin Chatel
By Dennemeyer  
Why should we always invent ourselves when we can use artificial intelligence and actively look for those who have already solved our problem?
By Anthony Carlick
The UK Intellectual Property Office's official opinion service on infringement and validity can be a useful tool for parties seeking to file oppositions at the European Patent Office, as Anthony Carlick of Dennemeyer & Associates reports.
By Martin Chatel
"We cannot (…) live in isolation, but instead form part of a rich IP ecosystem, with many different actors…". Back in July this year, the President of the European Patent Office (EPO),António Campinos
By Dennemeyer  
Digitalization is shaping everything from the management of Intellectual Property to technological environments and marketing strategies.
By Sebastian Deck
Learn the answers to these questions and more in our new corporate video.
By Brigitte Baldi
Productivity is considered the most important determinant of long-term economic growth and income.
By Brigitte Baldi, Sevim Süzeroglu-Melchiors
The growth of firms' IP portfolios poses several challenges for the management of IP.
By Dennemeyer  
Nobody thought, in 2016, that UK would choose to leave the European Union by a slim majority of 51%