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By Claudio Szabas
Brazil is notorious for the long pendency of patent applications. Currently, the average amount of time for a typical Brazilian patent to be issued with two office actions is not less than 12 to 14 years.
By Christian Köster, Kazuya Sekiguchi
Opposition procedures before the European Patent Office (EPO) and the Japan Patent Office (JPO) have enough differences to put even the most experienced professional in difficulty.
By Dennemeyer  
Dennemeyer's Africa Practice Group is spread out across the globe to provide direct client access.
By Martin Chatel
"Thinking outside the confines of the continental map". In the beginning of 2015, Benoît Battistelli, President of the European Patent Office (EPO), unequivocally set the scene for the coming years.
By Malte Köllner
In an effort to encourage inventions and inventors, Turkey has adopted a law on employee inventions and the remuneration of employee inventors.
By Olivier Lombardo
The question that we address in this article is if the deliberate insertion by the legislature of the words "another characteristic" would indicate a purposeful change in the scope of what is per se excluded...
By Sebastian Deck
A company's market assessment relies to 87% on intangible assets such as Intellectual Property and industrial property rights.
By Vanja Nedimovic
In anticipation of amendments to the Canadian Trademarks Act, CIPO is now inviting trademarks owners to categorize their goods and services according to Nice Classification.
By Tomislav Hadzija
The introduction of the European patent with unitary effect (also known as the unitary patent) enables patent holders to protect their inventions in 25 member states by filing a single patent application at the European Patent Office.
By Christoph Klamp
Maintenance fees, sometimes referred to as renewal fees or annuity fees, for patent rights have to be paid annually in most countries.
By Malte Köllner
Many companies continue to face challenges in finding the right balance between cost and quality in the foreign filing process.
By Christian Köster
As a general rule, an applicant is free to draft a patent claim in any desired claim language; the same is true for the accompanying description.
By Dennemeyer  
Transparency. Clarity. Two words that are rarely used within patent annuity industry. What are you being charged and why?
By Geordie Oldfield
Pharmaceutical trademark owners in Australia should carefully select and register their marks to minimise potential problems associated with including INNs or INN stems, as Geordie Oldfield of Dennemeyer explains.
By Roxana Sullivan
Pursuant to 15 USC §1127, trademark protection in the United States is commonly associated with marks that are easily perceived as source identifiers...