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By Att. Erman Öncel, LL.M.
Below are the other documents that may be required for establishing a company in Turkey.
By Att. Erman Öncel, LL.M., Fulden Melis Aydoğan
Turkey has always been a friendly environment for foreign investment and has been allowing foreigners to buy real property since 1934 with certain restrictions and requirements.
By Att. Erman Öncel, LL.M.
Article 376 of the Turkish Commercial Code regulates specific cases of capital inadequacy in joint stock and limited liability companies and requires certain corporate actions to be taken in each case.
By Att. Amine Tugce Duman, LL.M., Att. Melikşah Duman, LL.M.
The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development study on trade efficiency shows that an average trade transaction passes through 27 to 30 parties and in this process at least 40 documents are needed.
By Att. Erman Öncel, LL.M.
Capital decrease is regulated under Articles 473 - 475 of the Turkish Commercial Code numbered 6102 ("TCC") The main reasons for companies to reduce capital in Turkey are:
By Att. Erman Öncel, LL.M.
Türkiye Büyük Millet Meclisi tarafından kabul edilen ve 09.08.2016 tarihinde onaylanarak yürürlüğe giren 6728 sayılı "Yatırım Ortamının İyileştirilmesi Amacıyla Bazı Kanunlarda Değişiklik Yapılmasına Dair Kanun" ile 2004 sayılı İcra ve İflas Kanunu, 5491 sayılı Çek Kanunu ve 6102 sayılı Türk Ticaret Kanunu'nda birtakım esaslı değişiklikler yapılmı&
By Att. Erman Öncel, LL.M.
The pre-negotiation stage is usually initiated by means of a letter of intent or a memorandum of understanding which briefly outlines the subject of the negotiations and sets out the intentions of the parties.
By Att. Erman Öncel, LL.M., Meriç Yavuz
The long-awaited Law on Protection of Personal Data numbered 6698 (the "Law") was finally published in the Official Gazette on April 7, 2016.
By Att. Erman Öncel, LL.M.
This article is intended to provide general information on the duties and obligations of shareholders and managers in a limited liability company and the actions that can be taken by the company and/or the shareholders...
By Att. Erman Öncel, LL.M.
Below explanations are provided for companies that are not in the state of bankruptcy (i.e. assets of such companies are sufficient to cover all of their debts and liabilities.)
By Att. Erman Öncel, LL.M., Veli Can Beyazduman
Merger transactions are regulated under the Turkish Commercial Code ("TCC"). According to the TCC, a merger can be performed in two ways...
By Att. Erman Öncel, LL.M., Veli Can Beyazduman
ICC arbitration can be used by anyone without any limitations and there are no restrictions as to who can become the arbitrators.
By Att. Erman Öncel, LL.M.
Share transfer in a company does not affect the company's employees (save for cases where the working conditions of the employees adversely change due to the practices of the new management).
By Att. A. Bugra Aydin, LL.M.
Journalism is a domain specifically protected by Press Labour Law numbered 5953 ("Press Labour Law") and it differs from the general labour law rules in Turkey.
By Att. Melikşah Duman, LL.M.
Article 5/3 of the Communiqué No. 2010/4 defines a joint venture as an entity that permanently fulfills all functions of an independent economic entity.