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By Paul Brady
The question of whether something that falls outside the literal wording of a patent claim is nevertheless an infringement, is one that the courts have had to consider on numerous occasions.
By Sarah Phillips, James Ford
At first glance, perhaps not – patents afford a 20 year monopoly, but the regulatory approval processes surrounding new build are lengthy and necessitate early disclosure.
By Simon Haslam
The European Patent Office (EPO) is making significant inroads into its notorious patent examination and opposition backlogs.
By Rebecca Atkins
Last week the Court of Appeal issued its decision in the long running dispute between Société des Produits Nestlé S.A. and Cadbury UK Ltd...
By Matthew Fletcher
A final stage in the successful prosecution of European patent applications is the issuance by the European Patent Office (EPO) of a Notice of Allowance Communication under Rule 71(3) EPC.
By Jim Denness
The UK has now given formal notice to the EU under Art 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon of its intention to leave the EU.
By Rebecca Atkins
The UK government has not yet invoked Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union (this is likely to happen by the end of March), and the UK's actual exit from the European Union is at least two years away.
By Matthew Fletcher
On 1 February 2017 the Board of Appeal of the EPO upheld the revocation of Bristol-Myers Squibb's (BMS) patent for anti-cancer drug dasatinib due to a lack of inventive step.
By Matthew Fletcher
The inclusion of a disclaimer, where subject matter is carved out from the scope of a patent claim by means of a negative feature is not explicitly allowed for in the European Patent Convention (EPC).
By Julia Coggins
A SPC is a unique intellectual property right that can give up to 5 years additional protection for a medicinal or veterinary product or a plant protection product covered by a patent after the patent term has expired.
By Matthew Fletcher
In October 2014 the scope of the UK IPO's opinion service was expanded to give it more "teeth". The UK IPO is now able to initiate revocation proceedings of its own motion if a patent is found to be "clearly invalid" . . .
By Paul Brady
In G 1/15, the EPO's Enlarged Board of Appeal was asked to clarify the position regarding the entitlement to "partial priority".
By Matthew Fletcher
Additional post-filing data is often crucial to confirm the technical effect of pharmaceutical patents. On 1 February 2017 the Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office will be deciding the fate of Bristol-Myers Squibb's (BMS) patent directed to dasatinib.
By Jim Denness
The European Patent Office (EPO) is not an EU institution and so a UK vote to leave the EU would not have any effect on the UK's membership of the European Patent Organisation.
By Matthew Fletcher
It is looking increasingly likely that the new Unitary Patent covering multiple EU countries will enter into force in 2017.