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By Alex Last, Paul Christopher, Hayden Isbister, Robert Duggan, James Wauchope, Jennifer Parsons, Neal Lomax
January 1 - Common Reporting Standard (CRS) Regulations come into effect in the Cayman Islands.
By Alex Last, Hayden Isbister, James Wauchope, Julian Fletcher, Neal Lomax, Robert Duggan
In 2014, the Cayman Islands Government brought into force the Directors Registration and Licensing Law, 2014
By Alex Last, Hayden Isbister, James Wauchope, Neal Lomax, Robert Duggan
It is important that directors understand their duties and liabilities – an importance brought into focus in light of the much publicised Weavering case.
By Alex Last, Hayden Isbister, James Wauchope, Julian Fletcher, Neal Lomax, Robert Duggan, Jennifer Parsons
On 16 October 2015, the Cayman Islands introduced The Tax Information Authority (International Tax Compliance) (Common Reporting Standard) Regulations, 2015 (the Regulations) to implement the CRS.
By Shaun Folpp, Christopher Harlowe, Eleanor Morgan, Tina Asgarian
Weavering Macro Fixed Income Fund was placed into liquidation in March 2009 after it was revealed that the Fund's main asset, being a basket of interest rate swaps entered into with a related entity, were worthless.
By Alex Last, Hayden Isbister, James Wauchope, Julian Fletcher, Neal Lomax, Robert Duggan
Hedge funds established in the Cayman Islands will typically take the form of a company, a limited partnership or (less commonly) a unit trust.
By Simon Dickson, Hector Robinson, Charles Moore
Judicial review allows applicants with sufficient interest in a decision or action by a public body to ask the Grand Court (the Court) to review the lawfulness.
By Eleanor Morgan, Nicholas Fox, Shaun Folpp, Tina Asgarian, Andrew Emery
Two recent decisions of the BVI Court of Appeal, concerning the interplay between s.6(2) of the 1976 Arbitration Ordinance and the Insolvency Act 2003, serve to highlight why the old Arbitration Ordinance has benefitted from revision.
By Simon Dickson, Louis Mooney
Sir Andrew concluded that the ground for refusing a stay in matters referred to arbitration is that the matter is of such public interest that it cannot be delegated to a private contractual process.
By Eleanor Morgan, Nicholas Fox
Enforcement of foreign money judgments is relatively straightforward and will follow one of two procedures, depending upon the country where the original judgment was obtained.
By Eleanor Morgan, Nicholas Fox, Shaun Folpp
Where there is a strong case of fraud, a claimant will often be concerned that the fraudsters will dissipate their assets quickly if they know that the claimant has identified the BVI company as involved.
By Rachael McDonald, Michael Williams, Paul Christopher, Simon Lawrenson
The BVI Business Companies Act 2004 (the Act) is widely regarded as among the most modern and flexible corporate legislation in the world.
By Marie-Claire Fudge, James Webb
The Investment Business (Approved Managers) Regulations, 2012 provides an attractive "regulatory light" option for qualifying investment managers and advisors.
By Marie-Claire Fudge, James Webb
The BVI is one of the most popular offshore jurisdictions for investment funds.
By Marie-Claire Fudge, James Webb
BVI law imposes a number of on-going obligations on BVI regulated funds. The main continuing obligations for BVI private and professional funds are set out in basic detail below.