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By Erika MacDonald
Are university students truly independent of their parents? As much as they would like their parents to believe they are, when it comes to automobile insurance and SEF 44 contracts, these students may not be.
By Erika MacDonald
Here, an insurer attempted to deny coverage to a business for an injury claim made by a student hurt at a martial arts club.
By Erika MacDonald
On the evening of November 7, 2012, Rosalind Conrad and her friend Kelly Rideout were taking in the uptown Saint John nightlife.
By Matthew Pearn
On December 23, 2000, then 21-year-old Shaun Davis boarded a Greyhound bus in northern Ontario heading east from Calgary to spend Christmas with family in Nova Scotia.
By Matthew Pearn
On November 12, 2005, Blake Moore lost control of his motorcycle, flying over the handle bars. Moore and his motorcycle hit a parked car.
By Matthew Pearn
On August 28, 2008, Tammy Lee Arsenault was stopped at a yield sign when her car was hit from behind by a vehicle driven by Rachel Comeau.
By Tammy Moreau
In the spring of 2006, Wade Drover and his wife Kerri went on a family vacation to Florida bringing their four children and Wade’s parents Clement and Eileen.
By Tammy Moreau
In 2006, Thomas and Catherine Cusack purchased siding for their house from Ultimate Windows Doors Ltd.
By Erika MacDonald
When 14-year-old pedestrian Nigel Brown was struck by a hit-and-run driver, the last thing on his mind was his entitlement to insurance benefits.
By Erika MacDonald
Avelino Fernandes owned a brick laying business. As he was not able to receive EI or Worker’s Compensation benefits, Fernandes bought himself disability insurance.
By Katherine Toner
The Plaintiff suffered serious injuries in a motor vehicle accident while returning to Whistler Village following a zip lining adventure with the Defendant.
By Kathy Lewis
This recent judgment holds the long-term disability insurer Industrial Alliance Insurance to account for years of unfair treatment of its insured, Bruce Brine.
By Foster & Company
This decision may force automobile insurance companies to insure clients who cause an accident while driving with a lapsed driver's licence.