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By Charles Sartain
When must a neighbor sue for nuisance and trespass or else be barred by limitations?
By Cleve Clinton
For nine years, Tilting the Scales has brought legal issues with a business slant –practical and conversation points.
By Charles Sartain
Trigger warning for Texas readers: This entry will discuss forced pooling.
By Charles Sartain, Chance Decker
We know that in Texas the mineral owner has the right to explore for and produce the minerals. What does that leave for the surface owner?
By Charles Sartain, Chance Decker
You are a service company and you've been sued for a defective frac job. It looks scary but there's no detail in the petition and no certificate of merit is attached.
By Charles Sartain
Forest Oil Corporation v. El Rucio Land and Cattle Inc. et al deserves your attention for four reasons
By Charles Sartain, Chance Decker
BNSF v. Chevron Midcontinent LP et al. asked whether a 1903 deed granted BNSF's predecessor a strip of land in fee simple absolute or only an easement.
By Charles Sartain
Sierra Club v. Chesapeake Operating LLC et al is news more shocking than "Man Bites Dog"!
By Drew York
A huge fan of the Hill Country, Skare D. Katz buys a large piece of undeveloped land from the Solable Family outside of Austin.
By Cleve Clinton
Beginning as a part-time college job walking friends' dogs, Cary Barker's full time business now employs over 30 college students to walk neighborhood dogs and to deliver them for daily activities...
By Charles Sartain
In Re Louisiana Crawfish Producers arises out of the collision between two of Louisiana's favored enterprises: crawfish and hydrocarbons.
By Charles Sartain, Lydia Webb
One of the hottest issues from 2016 was whether an E&P debtor can reject, under section 365 of the Bankruptcy Code, an above-market midstream contract.
By Charles Sartain, Alexandria Twiss
In BP America v. Laddex, Ltd. the Texas Supreme Court affirmed that in a lease termination case the trial court cannot limit the jury's consideration of production in paying quantities to an arbitrary time period.
By Charles Sartain
How to distinguish an oil and gas lease from a mineral deed? In Richardson v. Mills, it was a deed when the instrument uses words like "forever" and imposes no duty to explore for and develop minerals.
By Cleve Clinton
Spurred by the frenzy of mid-century modern furniture of the 1950s and 1960s returning in popularity, a growing number of collectors are investing in and holding vintage furniture.