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By Banwo & Ighodalo
Nigeria is obliged to pay 2% of its assessable profit as Education Tax.
By Banwo & Ighodalo
Section 91 of the Labour Act goes further to exclude certain categories of persons from the above definition and, thereby, from the provisions of the Labour Act.
By Banwo & Ighodalo
Nigerian law is derived from four (4) main sources. These are English law, Nigerian legislation, Nigerian case law and customary law; however only the first three sources are relevant to the subject of Commercial law.
By Banwo & Ighodalo
It is advisable that all trademarks, patents and or designs to be used by the company be registered in Nigeria at the Trade Marks, Patents and Designs Registry in Abuja, to preserve the owner's proprietary interest therein.
By Banwo & Ighodalo
As part of its efforts to make the Nigerian business climate investment-friendly, the Federal Government of Nigeria has introduced various incentives and reliefs aimed at promoting both local and foreign investments.
By Banwo & Ighodalo
The first step towards incorporating a company in Nigeria is to conduct a "name availability search" at the Corporate Affairs Commission, in order to confirm that the desired name for the company is available for use, ...
By Banwo & Ighodalo
Under Nigerian law, business activities may be undertaken in Nigeria through any of the following types of entities or arrangements:
By Ayotunde Owoigbe, Oluwatoba Oguntuase
The Central Bank of Nigeria recently released a "Revised Edition" of its Foreign Exchange Manual.
By Banwo & Ighodalo
There are high prospects of growth for the solid minerals sector.
By Banwo & Ighodalo
The long title of the new Land Use Charge Law provides the rationale for the law.
By Banwo & Ighodalo
The MAP Regulations require a licensed DisCo to attain metering targets, as stipulated by the Commission, from time to time.
By Banwo & Ighodalo
Typically, the defendant would be summoned an hour earlier.
By Seyi Bella, Oluwatoba Oguntuase
The Central Bank of Nigeria ("CBN"), on June 6, 2018, issued the Regulations for Transactions with Authorized Dealers in Renminbi ("Regulations").
By Toyin Bashir, Oluwatoba Oguntuase
Without doubt, the key objective of the Executive Order No. 6 of 2018 ("EO6" or the "Order"), reflects a major thrust of the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.
By Olumide Osundolire, Oluwatoba Oguntuase
Apparently, the Executive Order No. 8 of 2018 was on Monday, October 8, 2018, signed by President Muhammadu Buhari in furtherance of the current administration's resolve to increase tax revenues ...