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The China Food and Drug Administration has published a draft regulation, GOOD SUPPLY PRACTICES FOR MEDICAL DEVICES.
By Lee Miles
The shift to a "positive grant system" brings the Singapore patent system in line with practices in other jurisdictions.
Connie Merlino has recently co-authored an article, "Five approaches to software inventions".
Encouraging references to IP intensive industries will be supported through new policies of investment and innovation.
By Danielle Burns
The Parliamentary Librarian presents strategic level snapshots of some issues expected to feature in the new Parliament.
China's med tech companies such as Mindray are expanding globally from their initial focus on Chinese domestic markets.
By Chris Owens
IP Australia have released a statement indicating that the customer service charter will have to be reviewed in 2014.
By John Landells
A new Patents Act was introduced into New Zealand by Royal Assent on 13 September 2013.