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Maya Meridien Is Merkezi
By Işıkal Law Office
The aim of the relationship between the Energy Law and the Environmental Law is the generation of energy with environmental harm in levels that can be tolerated by the environment.
By Işıkal Law Office
Although the essential principles of the Old Turkish Commercial Code are still preserved within the Law No.6102, it is apparent that the legislator aims to establish a dualist system regarding share transfers especially in Joint-Stock companies.
By Işıkal Law Office
The NTCC introduces new regulations on mergers, which is an important topic within the context of Company Law.
By Işıkal Law Office
Two general provisions were issued on the effecting of the amendments made by the Law No.6352 on the Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law; Article 106 and the Provisional Article 10.
By Işıkal Law Office
The obligation for the joint stock companies to have a Ministry Commissar to attend general assembly meetings was relieved with the New Turkish Commercial Code No.6102.
By Işıkal Law Office
Article 593/2 of the new Turkish Commercial Code No.6102 regarding shares of capital stock provides that, "shares of capital stock shall be issued as proof or as registered shares."