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Kinstellar Business Services,
By Iryna Nikolayevska
On 17 June 2018, the long-awaited Law of Ukraine "On Limited and Additional Liability Companies" No. 2275-VIII dated 6 February 2018 came into effect, with the exception of some specific provisions ...
By Bogdan Bibicu, Amalia De Ligenza
June 2018 – A new legal framework on public-private partnerships entered into force in Romania on 18 May 2018 after the publication in the Official Gazette of Government Emergency Ordinance No. 39/2018 on public-private partnership ("GEO No. 39/2018").
By Selma Mujezinović, Branislav Marić
June 2018 – The current Serbian privatisation framework was established in August 2014 through the adoption of a new privatisation law ("Privatisation Law") ...
By Nikola Stojiljkovic
On 25 May 2018, the Serbian Parliament adopted the Law on the Central Register of Beneficial Owners ("the Law").
By Olena Kuchynska, Viktoriia Pysmenna, Mariana Antonovych
Ukraine's State Service on Geology and Mineral Resources ("Derzhgeonadra") has announced on its website plans to auction the rights to 40 new oil and gas fields.
By Nina Tsifudina
In May 2018, the Bulgarian Ministry of Labour and Social Politics adopted an ordinance for employment-related electronic documents and the requirements for their creation and storage in an employee's file ...
By Roman Oleksik
May 2018 – From 1 May 2018, employers in Slovakia must comply with the following important new rules:
By Dessislava Fessenko
The majority of the specific additional requirements concern compliance with core GDPR requirements and data processing for employment purposes.
By Olena Kuchynska, Viktoriia Pysmenna, Mariana Antonovych
On 11 April 2018, Ukraine's government approved a list of buildings that are not subject to minimum energy efficiency requirements and energy efficiency certification.
By Adam Hodoň, Roman Oleksik, Dáša Labašová
If your company publicly advertises available job positions or considers the employment of non-EU nationals in Slovakia, the below overview may be helpful.
By Oleksiy Burchevskyy
A new section of the Aviation Rules of Ukraine – "Rules for certification of subjects providing agency services for sales of air carriage" – was registered by Ukraine's Justice Ministry ...
By Adam Hodoň, Dáša Labašová
May 2018 – The 4th AML Directive (EU Directive 2015/849) has recently been transposed to the Slovak Act on Money Laundering (the "AML Act").
By Jan Lehký
The most significant benefit of the amendment is the introduction of the concept of joint proceedings.
By Joel Benjamin, Almas Zhaiylgan, Lena Makarenko
The Code is a comprehensive piece of legislation, which contains many new provisions and requirements.
By Oleksiy Burchevskyy
The new rules are pursuant to Order No. 474 approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine on 27 December 2017.