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By Kevin Yee
Kevin Yee discusses how people are chosen to be judges in British Columbia in his article for the Georgia Straight's online column, "Reasonable Doubt."
By Kevin Yee
Great Scott! Last month, we entered the future. Rather, we went back to the future.
By E. Craig Watson
Is there a general duty of good faith imposed on parties to a contract? Until recently, my answer to this question would have been an unqualified "no."
By Joseph Fearon
The Ontario police launched a criminal investigation into the allegations that Jian Ghomeshi sexually assaulted women. So far nine women have come forward with their stories.
By Joseph Fearon
On October 14,2007, the police accidently killed Robert Dziekański when they tried to subdue him with a taser in YVR airport.
By Joseph Fearon
This Month Reasonable Doubt is covering privacy issues.
By Joseph Fearon
This month in Reasonable Doubt we're addressing the issue of accessibility in the justice system.