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By M. Raci Alper, Hazal Örnekol
A new rule implemented by the Turkish authorities on 28 July 2017 addresses the maximum stopover period for a vessel before its "in transit" status will be broken while passing the Turkish (Istanbul and Dardanelles) Straits.
By M. Raci Alper
With regard to certain requirements stipulated under international conventions and Turkish law, Turkish flagged vessels are required to have P&I cover from a club/company accredited by the Turkish...
By Yusuf Mansur Özer
The Turkish Data Protection Authority ("Authority") has announced via its website that it is still working on the secondary legislation concerning the Registry and the technical infrastructure to be...
By Emre Ersoy, Hazal Örnekol
Pursuant to Article 1386(2) of the TCC, a creditor of an arrested or attached vessel or the Bailiff can apply to the execution court for the early sale of the said vessel, regardless of her flag.
By Yusuf Mansur Özer
The members of the Data Protection Board, which is the decision-making body of the DPA, also confirmed verbally at a workshop held last week that the Registry will be an online database...
By Emre Ersoy, Melis Paula Güçlüer
The Turkish Parliament has ratified the Additional Protocol to the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road concerning the Electronic Consignment Note ("the Additional Protocol") on 7 March 2017.
By M. Raci Alper, Ekin Alpaslan
The Turkish Parliament has been on a ratifying spree in the past few weeks and has ratified a large number of international conventions that were on the shelf for a long time
By M. Raci Alper, Hazal Örnekol
MLC 2006 of the International Labour Organisation ("ILO") dated 07 February 2006 has been ratified, declared and published in the Official Gazette numbered 30018 dated 25 March 2017.
By M. Raci Alper, Melis Paula Güçlüer
The field work which constitutes the foundation of the Convention has been carried out and the Turkish ship recycling facilities have been examined by international organisations.
By Emre Ersoy, Hazal Örnekol
A new omnibus legislation was published in the Official Gazette on 27 January 2017 expanding the scope of the applicable tax exemptions for vessels and yachts that are registered with the Turkish Sip Registries.
By Emre Ersoy, Tuğberk Avci
We refer to our detailed article on the amendments to the Law on Stamp Duty published on our website and bring to your attention a further update on the same subject matter.
By M. Raci Alper
The European Union ("EU") has surpassed the Hong Kong Convention in implementing controls and criteria applicable to ships and ship recycling facilities with the Regulation (EU) No 1257/2013...
By M. Raci Alper, Melis Paula Güçlüer
The tariff below contains the updated rates for the year 2017 and will enter into force on 1 January 2017.
By M. Raci Alper, Hazal Örnekol
The Ministry has enacted a new regulation that imposes an obligation on individuals and companies acting as marine surveyors to obtain an operating licence.
By Emre Ersoy, Mistral Caydamli
The Law on Pledges of Movable Property in Commercial Transactions numbered 6750 (the "Law") has been enacted by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey on 20 October 2016...
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