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By Heather Zordel
In a world where money flows rapidly between established markets and a growing number of innovative markets in multiple jurisdictions, it is an increasing challenge for regulators to "keep up" with capital market regulation ...
By Stephanie Clark
Employers often rely on a probationary period to determine whether a new employee is suitable for an employment position.
By Stephen Thiele
When interpreting a contract, it is important to remember the fundamental rule that the whole agreement must be considered, not just a few isolated words or one isolated provision.
By Kenneth Jull
In considering whether a stay of charges should be granted in the context of trial within a reasonable time, the seriousness of the offence will not override the rights in issue.
By Lad Kucis
On May 30th, 2017, the Protecting Patients Act, 2017 (the "Act") received Royal Assent in the Ontario legislature, which resulted in amendments to various health care related legislation...
By George Tory
In the case of a SAFE, or a Simple Agreement for Future Equity, an investor essentially makes a cash investment in a company and a promise of future equity later.
By Stephen Thiele
On July 1, 2017, Canada turned 150 years old. All across the nation, public and private organizers hosted fabulous events.
By Bryan Skolnik
At the time of an employee's termination, the most crucial clause is typically that relating to the employee's entitlement upon a without cause termination.
By Jonathan Wigley
The Ontario government introduced Bill 139 on May 30, 2017 called the Building Better Communities and Conserving Watersheds Act, 2017.
By Jonathan Wigley
Conservation Authorities ("CAs") in Ontario are breathing a bit easier following the May 23rd 2017 decision of the Court of Appeal in Gilmore v. Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority reversing...
By Scott Gfeller
Collecting can be a pain. Getting a judgment is one thing but getting paid is a different ball game entirely, particularly when privacy legislation stands in the way of pursuing certain remedies.
By Stephen Thiele
The original action was decided at a trial in June 2011, a decade after a car business venture involving Gus and Alex, called Centre City Auto Sales Inc. ("Centre City"), failed.
By Gardiner Roberts LLP
Certified Cultural Property Tax Implications Of Disposition
By Gardiner Roberts LLP
Canadians With International Assets
By Stephen Thiele
Although the rapid increase in technology in the past twenty years has a lot of advantages, it also has many disadvantages.