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By YükselKarkınKüçük Attorney Partnership
Turkey is a dynamic and interesting territory to practice law in – there is always something new going on in the market which we strive to acclimatise to, thus keeping our practice at pace.
By Isil Okten, Aslıhan Kahraman
On October 23 2015, the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (the BRSA) published amendments to the Regulation on the Equities of the Banks.
By Isil Okten, Tolga Çabaklı
In the wake of the global financial crisis, the Basel Committee released a set of principles applicable to so-called global systemically important banks and domestic systemically important banks.
By Isil Okten, Emre Botan Kumet
In line with the global development in the over-the-counter (OTC) market, the Capital Markets Board of Turkey (CMB) has introduced more regulations covering OTC derivatives.
By Eda Yikilmaz, Osman Demirsöz
As the level of foreign investment in the Turkish market has plummeted during the last decades, so has the number of agency and distribution relationships with foreign companies.
By Hatice Ekici Taga
The competent authority that inspects the compliance of advertisements is the Advertisement Board, which operates under the Turkish Ministry of Customs and Trade.
By Eda Yikilmaz, Ece Zerey
Media law has been evolving especially since 1990s following the establishment of private broadcasting organisations in Turkey.
By İbrahim Yamakoğlu, Sevde Başkaya
Parallel to the harmonisation process of Turkish legislation with European Union law, the legal environment regarding veterinary products is also evolving in Turkey.
By Sinem Teoman
In Turkey, while there are some laws that have applicable provisions, the most relevant legislation on promotion is the Promotion of Pharmaceutical Products.
By İrem Atikcan
In Turkey, still there is no specific legislation on data protection.
By İbrahim Yamakoğlu, Eda Yikilmaz
In Turkey, the medical device market has been expanding steadily over the past decade in line with the general growth trend in the healthcare service sector.
By Süleyman Soysal, Fulya Özgener
As it is the case for all markets throughout the world, counterfeiting is a serious threat for Turkish market as well.
By Sinem Teoman, İrem Atikcan
Pharmaceutical companies, who are the marketing authorisations holders of pharmaceutical products, need to receive professional assistance of healthcare professionals as well as key opinion leaders, academicians and other specialists in the process of developing medical content and disseminating such information to other HCPs.