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By Tim Longwill
Despite overseas support for Uber drivers, the FWC has found that Uber drivers are subcontractors, not employees.
By Brad Russell, Brooke Jacobs, James Lynagh, Domenic Fontana
All businesses should reconsider their insurance policies to ensure that they have the right level of cover in place.
By Michael Moy, Tim Longwill, Cameron Dean, Scarlet Reid
An employer can enter into an enterprise agreement with existing employees to cover a new enterprise being established.
By Kristan Conlon, Ian Hazzard, Kirby Jukes, Andrew Muir
Buyers, developers and financiers of residential premises or land within a subdivision in Australia may need to pay GST.
By Russell Thirgood, Erika Williams
With the increasing internationalisation of business, clients should be aware of all of the ADR mechanisms available.
By Reece Walker, Ben Wood, Kathryn Morgan
These exposure draft Regulations make further changes to the CSF framework, expected to extend to proprietary companies.
By Ian Hazzard
A focus on the growth potential of international tourism delivers opportunities for Australian hotel and leisure operators.
By Damien Clarke, Louise Horrocks, Cameron Dean, Michael Roche
This article highlights some of the legislation, policies and programs that can be re-activated by the new government.
By Sarah Hausler
The updated LPOD test may assist users to decide if consent is needed for stormwater discharge arising from developments.
By Reece Walker, Ben Wood, Naomi Benton
ASIC proposes to retain ASIC class waivers introduced to allow fintech businesses to freely test particular services.
By Damien Clarke, Louise Horrocks, Peter Williams, Melissa Hill
Energy & Resources M&A Transaction Guide: doctrine of good faith for common law in Australia remains a live issue.
By Louise Horrocks, Michael Roche
The EV, battery storage development and renewable energy technology represent huge opportunities for Australian mining.
By Brad Russell, Brooke Jacobs, James Lynagh
It is difficult for a labour hire employer to avoid responsibility for negligent acts inflicted by its employees in Qld.
By Brad Russell, Brooke Jacobs
Legal developments in Qld affect labour hire and elevate the importance of revisiting contracts and insurance programs.
By Troy Webb
Practical tips for commencing statutory prosecutions by way of complaint and summons in the Magistrates Court of Queensland.
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