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By Giambrone Law ILP
English law is used globally for the vast majority of commercial contracts, regardless of whether there is a direct connection to England and Wales in the deal.
By Giambrone Law ILP
Many frequent visitors to Italy decide that they would like to take a step further and buy their own property in Italy.
By Giambrone Law ILP
After a long fight Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan have won their battle for the right to have a civil partnership.
By Piero Mastrosimone
Accidents abroad whilst on holiday are often as a result of negligence involving their hotel and by extension the tour operator; for example, falling on steps and stairs, falls from balconies ...
By Giambrone Law ILP
The 2018 World Cup begins on Thursday in Moscow and thousands of fans from the 32 nations who are participating will be travelling to the Russian capital.
By Giambrone Law ILP
Post-nuptial agreements can be drafted throughout the marriage, particularly if other assets are acquired.
By Giambrone Law ILP
The survey of LGBT individuals in Britain announced by Theresa May last summer has now been completed and the results will be published together with an LGBT Action Plan in the summer.
By Giambrone Law ILP
In Spain nationality can be acquired in different ways.
By Giambrone Law ILP
It is becoming increasingly alarming that despite the 38 million British expats who, according the Parliamentary Treasury Committee, live in Europe and are policy holders of UK insurer...
By Francesco Zingales
It goes without saying that divorce is one of the most challenging things a family has to negotiate.
By Giambrone Law ILP
Despite the high level of abuse only 20 per cent of the victims report the incidents to the police.
By Giambrone Law ILP
This issue is being fought out in the surprising arena of bakeries.
By Giambrone Law ILP
Once an individual has decided to try their luck trading in forex they are then faced with a decision as to which broker they should trade with.
By Anne Gadd
As Brexit comes ever closer the great unknown will become a reality.
By Giambrone Law ILP
As spring begins to draw near many people will enjoy an early break in their favourite Italian destination, a quiet rural corner of Italy with a slower pace of life where restful environment allows a person to relax ...
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