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By Judith Edwards
The subsequent section 74 notices complicated the matter, but the work capacity decision could continue to operate.
By Mark Glynn
To successfully claim the cost of your time as damages for breach, you must prove that you incurred additional expense.
By Chris Tsovolos
Ageing populations giving rise to an increasing number of blended families will drive up complexity in estate planning.
By Judith Edwards
Employers may still be liable for individuals who hold themselves out to be contractors, but are in fact 'deemed workers'.
By Darren Gardner, James Mattson, Deanna Oberdan, Mark Paul, Amber Sharp
With a new Financial Year, there are a number of key employment thresholds that have changed from 1 July 2017.
By Ryan Murphy
A business does not need to make redundancy payments when it is because of the ordinary and customary turnover of labour.
By Ryan Murphy, Claire Limbach
Casual conversion clauses in Modern Awards will allow casual employees to convert to part-time or full-time permanency.
By David Greenhalgh
Not many cases run to judgment in the Dust Diseases Tribunal, but these recent decisions relate to interest and damages.
By Bruno Confalone
An indemnity clause in a contract should be negotiated to determine which party is best placed to bear associated risks.
By Bruno Confalone
This article is a summary of the main changes which will now typically apply to leasing transactions in New South Wales.
By Oliver Shtein
Any benefit to creditors or buyers is far outweighed by the losses suffered by owners' failure to master the legislation.
By Bruno Confalone
A concurrent lease unlocks the rental from your telecommunications carrier so as to receive an upfront capital payment.
By James Mattson
Preserving workplace safety should be your main priority and should guide any workplace policy you decide to adopt.
By James Mattson
The right of entry provisions in the Fair Work Act require a serious re-think, with modernisation and professionalism.
By Stephanie Small
A common defence relied upon by employers in psychological injury cases is the section 11A(1)[1] defence.