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By Amber Sharp, Jade Bond
A new regulation prevents 'double dipping' by casual employees claiming both casual loadings and annual leave payments.
By Stephen Marsh
It is imperative that pre-filing statement and defence are properly pleaded based upon what is known at the time.
By Clemance Semaan, Malcolm Griffin
Causation is established if the alleged consequential injury results from the accepted compensable injury/condition.
By Amber Sharp, Ryan Murphy
Businesses must now genuinely try to reach agreement in relation to a request for flexible work by an award covered employee.
By Mark Glynn, Kate Cormican
Effective negotiation of crane licence agreements can save time and risks of unnecessary and expensive court proceedings.
By Matthew Wilson
Any business that advertises non-prescription therapeutic goods must comply with the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code.
By Oliver Shtein, Eric Kwan, Priti Joshi
This article explores five issues to consider when taking over an existing hire business by way of an asset purchase.
By Adam Cutri, Puria Davoodi
Courts are able to penalise businesses who unjustifiably threaten another business with legal action for IP infringement.
By Melissa Potter, Irene Horan
The proposed changes place disclosure obligations on vendors selling "off the plan" and more safeguards for purchasers.
By James Mattson, Ryan Murphy
Care needs to be taken when flying close to the sun and dismissing a worker in relation to any complaint or grievance.
By Oliver Shtein, Sam Harmer
ATO Draft Ruling TR2018/D1 has a useful explanation of the 'in Australia' requirement for tax exemption for non-DGRs.
By Amber Sharp, Jade Bond
The realm of casual employment has recently become a chaotic place - and government has made it a bit more political.
By David Greenhalgh
Article explains the nature of divisible and indivisible diseases and the different ways that they are dealt with in court.
By Gerard Basha
Discussion of the forfeiture rule (now reflected in the Forfeiture Act 1995 (NSW)) and its application.
By Gerard Basha
Digital assets are now quite significant for most people and need to be considered in the event of incapacity or death.
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