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By Geoff Baldwin
It is vital that both employees and employers are well aware of the uncontrollable nature of electronic communication.
By Anneka Frayne
A group of franchisees brought a class action against Pizza Hut in the Federal Court in order to recover their losses.
By Geoff Baldwin
As with all decisions you implement as an employer, documenting your actions, and reasons for your actions, is critical.
By Mark Joseph
Creditor sues for money received by bankrupt from his late mother's superannuation fund.
By Mark Warren
Do neighbours have a right to use your driveway? Equitable rights and s88K Conveyancing Act discussed.
By Geoff Baldwin
Franchisors must ensure that their franchisees comply with employment laws and don't underpay or rip off their employees.
By Nathan Luke
We should recognise the scams that target us by phone, email or social media, but some people are still being caught.
By Clayton Davis
Trade mark dispute between parcel delivery company and Australia Post about trade mark entitled Post without the office.
By Ruth Whisker
Suspicions regarding paternity must be reasonably held for the court even to consider ordering a DNA test.
By Tony Mitchell
Consider personal guarantees when succession planning and transferring a family business from one generation to the next.
By Michael McHugh
By laws are secondary to the strata law principle that the operation of the lot of an owner cannot be restricted.
By Nathan Luke
If you make a formal complaint of sexual harassment, your employer has an obligation and a duty of care to investigate.
By Tony Mitchell
Consumer watchdogs are cracking down on companies that make false or misleading claims in the marketing of the business.
By Erin Woodward
On March 30, the Motor Accidents Injuries Bill 2017 NSW was passed by parliament. This bill is significant as it replaces the current compulsory third party motor accidents scheme under the Motor Accidents Compensation Act 1999.
By Erin Woodward
New NSW motor accident laws change the ways in which injured parties are compensated for motor accidents. .
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