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By John Glynn
Laws applying to drones include breaches of privacy, flying in populated areas and the risk to other aviation activities.
By Geoff Baldwin
Did the prior conviction (which had not involved a minor) mean that a mandatory ten-year sentence had to be imposed?
By Geoff Baldwin
There are different business models, and all have differences in the contractual frameworks within which they operate.
By Mark Warren
A court has power to divert a defendant into the care of a mental health professional rather than to the criminal law.
By Rita Fisher
It is important to know that a decree of nullity is relatively rare and does not dissolve a marriage like divorce does.
By Anneka Frayne
New laws have been passed in NSW, to crack down on the despicable trend of revenge porn, also known as image-based abuse.
By Anneka Frayne
This article aims to help you understand the process after separation so you can focus on moving forward in your life.
By Geoff Baldwin
Employers should be confident that any interactions with staff could not trigger allegations of bullying or harassment.
By Anneka Frayne
If a binding financial agreement complies with the requirements of the Act, the court has no jurisdiction to adjust it.
By John Gooley
The issue is whether he inflicted grievous bodily harm, when he cut off his neighbour's finger while clipping the hedge.
By Tony Mitchell
As executor, the daughter distributed all of the superannuation fund to herself, to the exclusion of her young brother.
By Geoff Baldwin
This article examines some aspects of the protections available to people trapped in unfair contracts.
By Maurie Stack
The independence of the judiciary from the political arm of government is a fundamental principle of Western democracy.
By Tony Mitchell
The international tobacco companies argued that Australia's plain packaging laws were an infringement of their IP rights.
By Sophie Lee
The truck driver made a claim against the electricity company, and the farm owner, for the injuries he had sustained.
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