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By Zohra Ali
Article discusses a case where the land owner seeks to terminate agreement and the developer lodges caveat on the land.
By David Crossan
Article discusses an interesting case where tenant abandons premises and landlord commences legal proceedings.
By Emily Wittig
Does the temporary illness provision provide a "silver bullet" rebuttal to adverse action? Interesting and interactive article.
By Geoff Baldwin
Perhaps one needs to exercise restraint when drafting a restraint of trade clause... a must read - interactive and interesting.
By Mark Warren
This information explains how these recent changes affect the practices of criminal lawyers defending clients in court.
By Joshua Crowther
A basic guide to testamentary capacity.
By Geoff Baldwin
Article examines to what extent rights of individuals are threatened by autonomous systems. .
By Clayton Davis
Interesting case in which an investor lost money after her emails were hacked by fraudsters. Who pays?
By Caitlin Drabble
Article outlines options to consider to avoid a licence suspense. It is recommended to seek legal advice immediately. .
By Mark Warren
Interesting case where the driver appeals against severity of sentence served for negligent driving occasioning grievous bodily harm.
By John Gooley
Drugs sold at parties & festivals are a combination of dangerous chemicals mixed in horrid circumstances by dangerous people.
By Rita Fisher
Discussion of an interesting case regarding dividing up the marital assets post divorce. Can you choose the correct winner?
By John Gooley
Police are likely to be given greater powers to locate concealed drugs.
By Joshua Crowther
Interesting case that debated the capacity of a testator in making his will.
By Julie Mahony
Interesting medico-legal case deciding whether or not a neurosurgeon was negligent.
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