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By Anneka Frayne
Settlement of a property purchase can be a complex legal process that involves people representing several interests.
By Brett Watts
Intoxicated friends rode unregistered off-road motorcycles (trail bikes) on a NSW road and crashed into each other.
By John Gooley
Pensioners who are not familiar with computers to check their vehicle registration online, should contact the registry.
By Rita Lahoud
The new owner held the copyright to the building plans and objected to the construction of a house identical to his.
By Merrill Phillips
Changing the use of a non-habitable area into a habitable area should not be done without council approval.
By Tony Mitchell
This change could be an incentive for retirees or people approaching retirement to put more money into superannuation.
By Nathan McEwan
Interesting case regarding the effect of a prenuptial agreement signed on the eve of the wedding. .
By Digby Dunn
A landmark court decision has delivered a blow to the seemingly unstoppable compulsory acquisition of property in NSW.
By Justin Stack
Changes to workers compensation scheme are discussed, including increased access to lawyers and faster dispute resolution.
By Anneka Frayne, John Gooley
To search your phone, NSW police must first have "reasonable grounds" to suspect that you have broken the law.
By Geoff Baldwin
Article discusses slavery, past and present and what has been done and what can be done about it. .
By Sian-Louise Perez
Businesses must provide a safe place of work not just for employees, but also for any independent contractors that they retain.
By Ruth Whisker
In Australia, divorce, property settlements and arrangements for children involve completely different court applications.
By Clayton Davis
Article discusses recent case where firm sued ex-employee for breaching restraint of trade clause. .
By Phil Griffin
Article discusses factors which assist in attaining a successful compensation claim. Seek legal advice early! .
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